CALL: Tool Foundry - Advancing accessible tools for scientific discovery

Interesting call for an accelerator program with 50k support during 4 months.
“We believe low-cost, high-quality, and easy-to-use tools can expand access to science.”

Worthy. For US citizens and residents though.


where did you find that?
it’s not so visible to me on the first pages…

There’s a bit on eligibility in here:

Does indeed look to only be for US citizens. A strange decision if you think about AfricaOSH etc and how this could support prototypes from resource strapped creative individuals

In a pinch you could create a US company using a service such as Stripe Atlas. It seems that’s within the terms?

Who is eligible to participate?

Tool Foundry is designed for individuals over the age of 18 who are United States Citizens or legal permanent residents at the time of entry and for all validly formed legal U.S. entities with a primary place of business is in the U.S.

What would the primary place of business be?

I wrote them an email if they are thinking about opening it up to global participants. I already registered for the webinar because I did not see this paragraph hidden in the FAQ…

Arguably if you found a new US company that is not trading yet it’s primary place of business will be in the US? I am not sure how they will view it however…

Well they replied this:

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your interest in Tool Foundry! As long as one of your team members are based in the U.S. (either a U.S. citizen or lives in the U.S. as a resident), you are eligible to participate. Please let us know if you have additional questions, and we encourage you to still attend the informational webinar today at 2:00p.m. EDT where we’ll have a Q&A session to answer questions live.

  • The Tool Foundry Team

Hi all !
I’m a new member here and just came across this thread.
I am a U.S. citizen and am CEO of a Non-profit org (established in 2003 in South Dakota USA)
Anything I can do to support your efforts in the future will be my pleasure !

I still have my US citizenship, if it is helpful…

hmm… isnt this call kinda out dated?

taking the long view…