Car-Pooling from Zurich

Hoi zäme,
quite a few people are coming with a car and might pass through zurich.

let’s use this topic to coordinate and potentially help each other getting up there.
Generally it’s easy to reach by train/bus during the day. but after 16:43, there is no more connection.

so most interesting are late aftenroon and evening rides.

cu all in Klöntal.


I will be arriving from Helsinki to Zurich Airport 9.40am 22.9 Friday. I guess in less than one hour I would get to Zurich center, so latest 11am.

Looking for a car ride from Zurich to Klöntal, if available. I have one luggage.

Greetings Jukka H.

Offered: Lift from Zürich offered around mid-day.

From ZH Flughafen take train to Hardbrücke (50% chance that each Zürich HB bound train will stop there). 5 min walk to Technopark (Technoparkstrasse 1) using the map that can be found at every public transport stop. Alternative use no. 4 tram from from Zürich HB to Technopark stop which stops right outside. All inclusive from Zones 10 and 21 ticket.

Company is ANERDGY, access second floor middle lift ask for Chris

Telephone (+41) 76 267 1914

Hello i will be going to Klöntal on thursday around noon or early
afternoon, if anyone wants to come along?