Travelling instructions to Klöntal, Vorauen

Hoi zäme,

late but here… for all those who are not too used to swiss transportation systems… .don’t worry, you’ll get there.
we constantly updating information on the wiki.

If you arrive via/from Zurich, there is a good connection only approximately every 2 hours and the last one leaves Zurich at 16:43!!

Feel free to contact us here, or by mail if you have questions.

For late arrivals make sure you get to Glarus, Bahnhof, and we might find a volunteer to pick you up or coordinate with other arriving guests, who come by car.

Coming by car
just come here
Ferienheim Niederurnen

Quantum Tunnel Beaming
@gaudi is working on it… stay tuned!

Emergency Phones:
Marc: +41 77 993 08 77
Maya: +41 76 447 81 01
Urs: +41 76 480 17 72

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Which Klöntal it is? gives multiple options…

EDIT: Ok, it was in title… :smiley:

Hey we will be at the airport at 10 am…
if we will not get with somebody from there… than following Marc
instructions we will be with the public transport (S25) at 13:11 at Klontal

See you!! <3
hack and love
we are all just full of the bacterias

ah ah if I knew… we should be there now!!! ahah

Thank you for everything <3

Would be fantastic if someone could pick up us from the train… (if not
I m bringing a bit with …

ah I see… at Glarus 12:43