CERN Reception Opening hours problem

Hey you all!

I do have a problem: I will be coming in by train to Geneva at 17:45. Now I saw that the CERN Reception will already be closed, I only checked the Hotel reception time beforehand. Obviously this way I won’t be able to a) access IdeaSquare and CERN locations at all and b) check into the hotel which is on the CERN site … Help please :frowning:

I will be earlier and I don’t know if that is possible, but I could try and get you such a card.
Then I could pick you up at the gate when you arrive.

Does anybody know if that would work?


all will be fine!

Everybody will have access to IdeaSquare and to the area where the hotel is.
we have sent the list of participants to the guard, you might only need to show your ID/Passport.

Participants wont need to get a badge.
and yes, emergency lost souls will always be able to enter together with one of our organizing team members.

Oh thank you so much! Good to know - I have no idea know how high security will be, I mean - it’s the CERN, right :wink:

And thanks to @claudia.goebel, really nice offer!

See you for drinks in the evening then!

Hello Laura,
Yes, CERN reception will be closed. You shall go to the main gate and ask the guard – he will forward you to the desk where you will get the pass and the hotel reservation. Then you may go to the hotel and IdeaSquare.

Same here, I will be arriving Geneva airport tomorrow at 17:45 and CERN
hotel at 18.30 aprox.



Hi all,

I’m in the same situation, and I just realized it, thanks to Laura.

My plane lands at Geneva airport tomorrow at 5:15PM…

Hope your solution works for me too…


Claudia, if that is possible I would also appreciate your help with my
check in. If you need any specific information from me please contact me by
email or by whatssapp-facetime at +34 688713177 or skype @rikimut. I will
be conected all morning.

Just in case I am attaching a photo of my I.D

Thank you so much!


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Yes thank you ! See you tomorrow evening,