CERN Open Days (why at least 15 chars for the title?)

not quite biohacking, but since I met many of you bio-hacktivisits at CERN, here is the chance to attend the activities at the CERN Open Days Sep 14-15, 2019, for those of you who might be there (I will be there)


great! looking forward to see you @punkish
in fact we are hosting a small temporary autonomous lab, as part of 1000 Ecologies invited by utopiana.
see our notes here.

Date: 12. - 15. September
Opening Hours: 11 am - midnight

“Le Commun” (where we been seeing the late night exhibition during biofabbing.)

Would be great if you join as a visitor / part-time participant, besides your activities at CERN?


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aiii yes! From Sep 9-13, everyday I will be occupied at CERN with work from 9 AM-5 PM but can come after that. Since I will be staying in Saint-Genis-Pouilly, I will have to figure out how to get back to my hotel late evening in case public transportation stops (or I can crash at Utopiana for a night). In any case, since it is a multi-day event, is there a better evening than others? I could also come multiple evenings, but I will certainly aim for one at least.

Update: Oh, I see from the notes that the only evenings/days with events are Sep 12, 14 and 15. I can come on the 12th evening by 6 PM. I will be occupied during the day on the 14th with CERN Open Days but can come that evening as well. I will leave Genève early morning 15th.

Update 2: Turns out late-evening/night public transportation is not a problem and I can catch a tram+bus at midnight. So, all set for Sep 12.

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my friend,

There is also the other event I am hosting, kind of with or without hackteria, but with the lovely Marion Neumann, filmmaker and friend of petter mettler. Its a project about “fungi ecologies”, happening from the 21/9 (international mushroom day) till 28/9 electronic music festival.

I will be hosting during that time and will let the horses go find water, would you be up to? How long will you stay in Geneva? So nice to meet you!

Get to watch the movies from petter mettler “End of Time”, or the “Gambling, Gods and Lsd” here accessable:

weaving time


Maya Minder

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This sounds wonderful, and I would have loved to attend, but unfortunately I will leave Geneva on Sep 15 morning :frowning:

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hoi zäme,

looking forward to see you @punkish

for our own guests, we could aim at visiting CERN on saturday morning or sunday afternoon.
@weiweiweiwear, @kat, @gaudi


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Greetings from CERN. I will visit Le Commun on Thursday around 7 PM, and will also be around at CERN on Saturday around mid-morning. Might also come down to Le Commun for the afternoon presentations. See y’all soon.