Accommodation for EVERYONE IS SORTED OUT!

Hello BioFabbers!!!

WORRY NOT!!! Accommodation for everyone is sorted out!!! Whether you stay at the CERN Hotel in Meyrin, Switzerland, or Saint-Genis in France, or are being hosted by a local resident, we have you covered!

If you are not sure where you are supposed to go, visit us at IdeaSquare and we will help you get to your accommodation! Or you can direct message @sabgaby or @dusjagr.

Either way, expect an email Tuesday morning to give you more information on how to get to your accommodation.


Dear BioFabbriculatarians,

We are all super excited to greet you all this week for BioFabbing.

I know we were a bit late with confirming accommodation and other logistic issues… but trust us, IT’S ALL SORTED OUT!
Thanks a lot to our hosts at CERN’s IdeaSqaure and Francois for doing the magic… due to the high interest and loads of late registration it was a logistic miracle and we managed it all.

please don’t bombard me, gaby or francesca with emails and social media messages :slight_smile:

sooooo… here is some information:

I have no clue…
If you are confused today. Come visit us at IdeaSqare and we will help you. We will be there after 16h. Call +41 77993 08 77 (marc) only in emergencies.

Access to CERN premises
All registered (and not registered, but we know you are coming) are on the daily printed lists at all entrance gates. but…

Get the Access Card
/////EDIT: Apparently they have foregone the paper access cards: Just go to the entrance gate and your name should be on it. /////
A little printed card with your name on it needs to be held at all times to get in, aswell as an ID/Passport.
You can pick up the card at the Reception before 17:30.
If you come later, you can pick it up at the main entrance Gate B (24h).
You will need this especially to go to CERN Hotel to check-in.

Check-In to CERN Hotel
Most of you already know, that you are confirmed in the CERN Hotel. please check in, when you find time. latest before 1am.
If you are unsure, yes we have a complete list. Come to IdeaSquare and we tell you.

Other Accommodations
For some of you (6 participants) we arranged other accommodations in another Hotel by CERN, St-Genis, 2km away in France. You will be informed directly by email in a few minutes. please come to IdeaSqare as soon as possible and we tell you all the logistics.
Others are hosted privately by friends in town, we’ll tell you when you arrive.

I hope that releases some of your stress-levels for arriving relaxed and enthusiastic at BioFabbing for a crazy week of talks, workshops, hacking and visiting local communities.

cu you all soon!

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Yes we have a list… and many others :slight_smile:

Where is Idea Square? Or will that be obvious?

Directions to CERN here:
Walking directions to Ideasquare (and reception, CERN hostel, Restaurant 1, etc.) here:

Also, mobile maps available here:
and a CERN Maps app available in Google Play here:

Building numbers:
Ideasquare is building 3179
Reception = 33
Gate B = 55
Hostel reception = 39
Main building & Restaurant = 500

And as a challenge for all - if you can figure out a logic by which CERN buildings are numbered (no googling allowed), a surprise prize promised for the first one to guess correct :wink:

Hello, I arrived early afternoon, didn’t get any access card or so upon asking at reception - they just waved me through to gate B where the guy let me passt - they all have a list with names. Nothing more than an ID required for hotel check in - then you get a room card that they said would also be ok for the guards. Let’ see :slight_smile:Thanks for the great preparations and info!