[CFP] My invitation to OFFDEM Oxygen in Brussels

Hi Folks,

for the second year in a row I put my hands in the OFFDEM.

I really would like to see you there and also read your proposal for this fest and meeting.

Here’s the CFP: OOO₃FFDEM Ozone Call for Participation - petites singularités

Here’s some notes from 2022 OFFDEM: Rencontres OFFDEM O₂ Gathering - HedgeDoc

Above all things and the framework of this CFP, I working on an Interhack / DIYBio schedule and rooms.

The section “Means of organization that engage and support local coordination and action” might seem to fit, and especially well beyond the links we have written for this CFP we consider with attention and heart the suggestions of “creative” participations that share common values and that shake up a bit our 4 thematic angles.

As in every edition, it is the undocumented people who co-organize and host us (reversing stereotypes, etc.).

So, you’re welcome and any ideas from your own too.

Or maybe some stuff from?

“We are the giraffe human mutant geeks against neo-eugenics and silly perfectionist goals“
World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts