Workshop spots and planning

Hi! We will have workshops in the coming week with Mitch Altman and everyone is invited!
Did you see?
There are still a few places for the Weds eve at Hackuarium and the Saturday afternoon in Renens.
Here is the flyer
Please write to reserve a spot.

We also would like to plan for some work toward the OpenFlexure epifluor builds, even though we are still looking for the fluoTAR objectives GOSH is helping fund!
Please let me know if you have a favorite time in September to organise the first one of these workshops!
Thank you and keep hacking!

p.s. just in case, here was our last newsletter for Hackuarium: Hackuarium - reconnu d'utilité publique !

Cool! You should cross post in the gosh forum too to let folks know about it!

also have new sign up for the event Saturday!

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