+FIRST AID+ Practical Info: Venues, How to get there, EAT & Hangout in GVA

Dear all,

Here is a LINK to practical infos for the participants during the event. Available in the shared folder. Not only for preparing the Convergence but also for help getting familiar with the venues, visits, proposed activities in the city and a little guide to hangout and to make easier the self-organized dinners.

Please feel invited to edit/add more details.

Best regards, and looking forward!


Hey @sabgaby and @vlorenzolana,

We were adviced to register our comps on the network before we arrive as it can take some time. Now the question is: who do I put as “contact person”, I think none of the organizers suits the profile of “CERN personnel”…


Yes, that info would be great. I tried yesterday and “Francois Grey” didn’t work.

Will there be a general catering during the conference? Is there breakfast in CER Hotel?