GRÜETZI MITENAND! Let's do an intro round \o/



I‘m Julian – nomadic researcher/ex-academic/eternal student/informal teacher/etc. - currently mainly interested in fungi, microbes and phages. One of my projects - still at a very early stage - will focus on creative learning environments and public participation in science with emphasis on the invisible world (

Just came back from kayaking through eastern europe and didn’t prepare anything… but I’ll bring some stuff to play around and am sooo much looking forward to meeting all of you in the mountains.

What I’ll bring:

  • some starter cultures (sourdough, kombucha, whatever I can find)
  • phages
  • a wonderful old-school zeiss-microscope
  • some electronics (for incubator etc.)
  • agar, media, … whatever I can find

What I could bring, but hope is already there:

  • guitar
  • glassware
  • petri dishes
  • bunsen burner
  • some chemicals
  • arduinos, sensors, …
  • refractometer and other fermentation stuff
    (please comment what I should bring!!)

What I really need:

  • immersion oil (can’t find mine)
  • a culture of sharing (also microbes)
  • good conversations (kayaking was soo lonely)
  • dry red wine!!

see you soon :slight_smile: Julian


Hey in the round,
my name is Bjorn and I’m living and acting in Potsdam since a while. Here I was trained in Biology at the University. Actually I try to get my phD in plant ecology. The topic is about the potential of plants to adapt to extreme environmental conditions.
I love to use unconventional ways to explore things, in general. Well, I think this also lead me to our local ScienceShop. It has a FabLab, where we actually found a wetlab called, related to the community we are located in. But this is in the very beginning. My main focus is on the development of the ‘Citizen Science’-movement in academia and elsewhere :crazy_face:; However,
I will bring some utensils to work on moss-spores (I have just some thougths but no plan). If you have some pipetts in Klöntal I would be very happy.
I’m looking forward to see you all from Wednesday on. Meeting some familliar and some new faces. Do some hacking, listening, talking, walking, feeling, eating, dancing and may singing together (under the shower).
Have a god trip


@btHuw: we missed our train and are waiting at Fundbüro 1 near Arrival 1, meet us if you read this.


Hi all,

I’m Rolf, founder of Projekt Draussen ( a maker-, coworking-, retreat- and event space near Munich (Germany) - in the middle of the woods.

I think it’s sad, if people do not satisfy their curiosity, do not realize their ideas, and do not follow their passions - even if they’re temporary ones. And I believe, that we can learn and “make” everything without the necessity of a particular degree, if we do it together, as a community. That is the reason I want to support the maker movement, biohacking and citizen science - everything that encourages you to get curious, interdisciplinary & creative.

Before I founded Projekt Draussen, I did research on flow experience, the state of mind when you are totally focused on a fluent activity, like when conducting creative activities, learning, sports or - fill in your personal flow activity. And I am a passionate film maker / photographer, far too infrequently exercised though.


Thinking about what I can do at Klöntal, I had a spontaneous idea:

I’d like to do a small documentary on the biohacking retreat. So I’ll bring a DSLR and an external sound recorder and if you like, you can support me by giving a short interview! We can talk about you and your projects, you and your spaces, about biohacking, making, art & science and whatever you want to talk about. You can also support me by giving me hints, when there’s interesting action somwhere throughout the retreat that definitely needs to be filmed.

I am also interested in:

  • Finding out more about psychophysiological measurement methods. I want to build a brainwave reading EEG device to measure flow.
  • DIY laboratory equipment, since we want to build a small diy bio laboratory at projekt draussen.
  • Biological light sensitive materials to produce a biological camera.
  • Making biological processes visible & hearable.
  • All kind of machines that produce images.
  • Fermentation and distillation of schnaps. I bring my own (very tiny) copper distiller. If somebody is interested (and has got some alcoholic liquid), we can try to make schnaps.

See you at Klöntal.


hello there!
i’m roland, from bern (and somewhere in the jura, but that’s another story). i’m a science writer and curator, trying out all kinds of unusual forms to discuss and reflect on scientific topics. like the mad scientist festival or wildes wissen or ai arcades or…
will be up there tomorrow and friday to hack around with cocktail recipes, looking forward to meet a nice bunch of freestyle scientists!
all the best



i’m bengt partly based in stockholm, partly in berlin. i mess around with stuff like electronics, code, software radio, reverse engineering, machine learning, electrowetting, biochemistry, audio and more. sometimes it’s just my own experiments, sometimes it becomes an exhibition, sometimes it becomes products, sometimes it doesn’t become anything at all :slight_smile:

amongst other things i bring a hamamatsu micro-spectrometer, some optofibers and some untested laser cut parts for connecting that to cuvettes and stuff and a bunch of software radio gear just for fun.

i’m currently on a train towards glarus, arriving 20:16, would be much appreciated if someone could pick me up there at some point so i dont have to take that 3 hour walk… :slight_smile:



If you wait until saturday, we could have that long postponed chat on AI.


can’t, unfortunately. a not so artificial intelligence needs me this weekend. some deep learning sessions planned, natural language processing and such.


Hi! I’m Kasia. Can’t wait to meet you all! I am a video and multimedia,
sound and electric experimentalist. I have mono shop in Berlin , now
building a new workshop in a containers… learning how to build a roof,
walls and floor. I’m very much into diy and diwo culture . I believe in an
independent future and power of knowledge. Love making sounds from
surroundings and finding energy around. Synchronizing opposite. Want to
learn more about fermentation and destilation , power of soil and love the
idea about the echo of the lake.
My main passion is sounds and images… so I’ll bring cables , instruments ,
amps and little motors… maybe we can jam a bit in the kitchen :wink:

I’ll also come with my son. We both need a retreat. He 'll take camera
with :wink:

Thank you! I’m glad to be part of that meeting!! Love and hack!

I’m coming Saturday morning… very short … but well…let me know if you
need smth…



Here Servando. Originally from Spain. lived 7 years in Berlin and the last 3 I have been travelling around the world teaching puredata workshops and Now Axoloti (awesome open technology for sound) and doing other stuff. very interested into medicinal plants and it’s diverse effects on human body and mind…
I’m also musician and Audiovisual artist.

greetings to all.

servando barreiro
[::° [O_O] o o o o:]