HLab X - Taiwan | Preps and discussions are rolling

Finally, after years of dreaming and rumours, we are actively on the ground in Taiwan and working more concretely on upcoming activities locally, residencies, workshops and a new edition of HackteriaLab somewhere in rural Taiwan, aka Formosa, an island full of nature, mountains and the sea!

Tentative schedule is around end of October / early November, this year… 2019.
We named it HLab X, kinda also use the opportunity of this years 10 year anniversary of Hackteria, and look into the future of where to head for the upcoming decade!

Notes are growing on the wiki:

We are still in a planning phase, first applications for funding are out, and waiting for reply and further opportunities. More local and international partners are now being looked for.

Visits and collaborations in Manila (PH) and Bergen (NO) are on the way, as decentral events pre & post HLab X - Taiwan.

Please respond here if you are interested to join the team!
We have started more regular online calls and a whole lot of notes on a gdrive

a little collage of recent local meetings in Taipei…

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Fantastico! I am definitely interested. Sonogenetics and Plasmology in the scope!
: T :

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Hello! my name is Aletheia Shin. I am part of the artist collective called Rice Brewing sisters club
Rice Brewing Sisters Club is a collective of sisters who love to host platforms for loud chatters and self-organized gatherings. RBSC uses the form of a collective as a way to seek networks within and beyond the art world and build sustainable relationships with local communities. RBSC also experiments with artistic research, participation, and collaboration as ways to give birth to new ideas, shared knowledge, stories, and conversations.
2019 members:
Hyemin Son, Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin, So Yoon Ryu

We are planning to be in Taiwan in August and read somewhere you might be in town for a residency at that time.
It will be really great to meet you when you are there.
Please let us know!


Hello Hackterian Networkers,

Warm tropical greetings for all Stateless Hackterian Networkers.
Some Lifepatchers will also be in Taiwan in this September - October to work together wit OCAC. And for me the rhyme of "
HLabX-Taiwan " sounds tempting the curiosity: what is that? :grin::sunglasses:

I wish can support any collaboration anywhere anytime for this 10 years anniversary.

Best regards,


News after the HLabX Jogja Meeting
After a couple of weeks of discussions, meetings and a “first” HLabX Fellows Residency in Yogyakarta we are about to publish more details about the upcoming HLabX Programme. Stay tuned…

See HLabX Jogja Meeting on the wiki:

Things have developed, grown and stretched out into a longer period of activities. For now we are aiming at a series of smaller research visit, temporary labs and online collaborations to develop more deeper content for our projects, aswell as strenghten the new and old partnerships. This has started now in August and will continue throughout the upcoming months, with more activities planned in Taipei, Yogyakarta, Switzerland, Chongqing, Okinawa and beyond.

Working Schedule

Through this activities we will define in more details the “Nodes” for the upcoming larger collaborative production lab aka HackteriaLab X - Taiwan, to be held in spring 2020.

Please let us know where and in what role you also want to get involved!

Do you wanna host an additional event within the HLabX Programme?
Get in contact with us here!

Regular Online Calls
We discuss here in the forum, on our gdrive, and are starting now with regular video calls / hang-outs on Jitsy.org, which will also be announced here on the forum.

Best regards,

The plans for a HackteriaLab in Taiwan have been shifting further into the future…
For now we are happy to announce a long and durational research camp in Okinawa, with many of our TW friends joining…