HUMUS sapiens retreat 2019

ahoj everyone,

from 25.10. - 27.10.2019 we will meet at Projekt draussen ~ ~ near Munich, to share what we have learned from 18 months of HUMUS sapiens and to find out how to continue…

if you are interested, please respond here and/or write an email to

to be able to cover YOUR travel-costs, food and accommodation - we aim to get some funding through this campaign:

please spread the word!! :slight_smile:


bytheway: greetings from


Many greetings to Slowenia. I see the campagne running rather slow so far…

There is an opportunity to hack the wemakeit campagne according to the “milles écologies” project in Geneva happening form 13/9 - 10/10/19 in Geneva, Swiss.

There will be two projects happening, one on the topic of Worm and Plastic (Urs and Marc) and the other on the topic of “fungi ecologies” (Maya and Marion) so two great possibilites to book bigger events, similar to HUMUSsapiens happened in Stuttgart and Luzern last year.

The timing of accounting is tight, my question is if the backpayment would be just in time if we backed it threw this two projects? If yes, why not start visa applications and book some international flights?

Project is still very open for contribution, hackteria at its peak, very late in its concept phase.


Life is Good


Maya Minder

I will join the worm camp, looking forward to it!

Oh, no!,… again,… I would love to join, sooo much, but I already planed this weekend some other “important” activities… :frowning: … I wish you a nice retreat!..
But, I will share your event in my social media network.
best Bjorn


2 Weeks left to assemble our HUMUS crowd!!

Diversity is the key to creativity and innovation: let’s create interdisciplinary crosstalk and collaboration. It might be useful to think about possible common topics even before the retreat starts. What kind of questions would you ask someone who has been cooperating with pioneers in organic farming for more than 40 years?

really important input:

and a great paper:

I would like to ask @Helmut many questions! One would be: Is it possible to feel mankind organically? Or: Could we use our own (human) excreta to produce humus?

I try to get a 360 degree video camera. And I would like to film a round table conversation/discussion on whatever topic is of common interest. (my own interest would be sth like “sustainable agriculture” or “how to feed mankind” …) All topics are possible. Is there any interest in that?

sure… i think this would be an interesting way to document a conversation. lets find a nice spot in the forest and sit on the ground!! :slight_smile:

btw.: thanks @swantje for organizing some food!! we just unpacked the box from naturkraftwerke and we are very excited about what we found. the picture shows just a few of the extravagant products…

we also found quite a few homeless fruits and veggies… :slight_smile:
and tomorrow we will harvest the last zuccini & pumpkins of this year.

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