Wemakeit crowdfunding campaign launched!

Yeah! @julian did such an amazing job with his friend and the wemakeit campaign has been launched on Friday, 9. March!

Let’s hare it widely and find pariticpants for the upcoming Open Soil Research Retreats in RandeLab and Projekt Draussen, and also find partners to host us for a 1- or 2-day Workshop on Soil-geeking!


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That looks fantastic. I’m going to see if Manuel (Our Sci’s programmer based near Zurich) can come. It would be awesome for him to meet you guys.

PS who does your videos, you always make things look so cool :slight_smile:

@gbathree i would love to learn more about your recent hardware, and give it some testing during the upcoming months. both for the event in switzerland, aswell as more activities coming up in Yogyakarta, indonesia june-august.

@dusjagr tiny world! @gbathree and I are building a fully open scientific collaboration platform OurSci Web Application

Are you around for a chat some time @dusjagr?

let’s keep the discussion here and not on private chats.
but yes, of course i am aware and the goal of this and other projects is to work alongside with more networks, test each others hardware and approaches, bring us all together in cosy and inspiring environemtns, call it the GROLScH residency programme!

please let us know more about your recent work with our-sci.net


great work!! I really like your article on “An Open Strategy to build Soil Carbon”

You did a very inspiring start for the Mumus Sapiens Project, mega!
Heidy and Andreas, we would like to meet you on Rande-Lab at Sa. 5. and So. 6. May for developpingh new idees…
It’s always cool to dig in the ground : )


Great to hear! @baggenstos.rudolf !

make sure you reserve your participation on our campaign, and we can then use the funds to get food and drinks, aswell as materials to continue our collaborative research.
If you stay shorter and the two of you, just use a reward to together.

there will also be pre-retreat sessions in RandeLab through-out the month of April, starting over the easter weekend. we’ll do some first experiment and fix-up the house to host all the hackers and artists during the retreat in May.

Just added some solar powered light in the toilet with @owalkhoff

and putting a nice lamp on the Do-Nothing-Garden.

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great to see some pictures… looking forward to my next visit!!

by the way: last time i brought some georgian phages to randelab (pictures). would someone be interested in trying to isolate phages from soil during the retreat?



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We have reached our target for the wemakeit campaign. Juuuuhuuuuu. Thanks to all of you who supported it.
So let’s start rolling with more activitites around Open Soil Research!

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phage geeking would be awesome - however, the WE beginning May I am unfortunately fully absorbed with Swing dancing …

btw… we have now dedicated our funding from wemakeit / science booster to the series of events and workshops coming up during this initiation phase of HUMUS.Sapiens.

See our numbers here:

We have a appros 4k for RandeLab event, 2k for Projekt draussen and 2.7k each for the upcoming workshops in collaboration with local partners in Munich, Luzern and Stuttgart.