"Indie Drugs" - Gabriela Sanchez


Challenges of breaking up big Pharma industry. PLEASE edit here


Is the Open Insulin project’s goal to produce therapeutic insulin or is it a performance drawing attention to the limitation of current pharma-based drug innovation and the problem of drugs access?


in a podcast recently for Science Disrupt, Ryan Bethencourt described it as an art project - although I don’t think that’s how it was originally thought of.


It is what you make of it. As part of the Belgian team, I can tell that people are into it for different reasons. For enabling decentralized production, as a communication/art project, as open science/citizen science prototype, … These things are not mutually exclusive. It is certainly more than an art project - the technical stuff behind it is being fleshed out very well.

It is also not a short and quick gig. It’ll take years to complete and for impact to follow. Also, in my view, it can not really fail. The learning involved on so many different aspects (collaboration processes, biotech, citizen science, …) make it a worthwhile effort, regardless if the technological goal proves possible or not.


I like your pluralistic view on this!


found here: https://sciencedisrupt.com/podcast/ryan-bethencourt