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Dear fellow Field_Notarians and Soil-Geeks,

Let’s continue our discussion on our planned activities for Field_Notes in Kilpisjärvi here on this forum. We’ll have many more international virutal collaborators to help us, advise us, give feedback and keep the discussion available openly long-term for the larger community within the Global Hackteria Network | Open Source Biological Art.

Who am I… long story short.

i have been freely researching and educating at the interface of art, science and DIY/hacking methods over the last 10 years. enjoying it a lot to build DIY instruments, both for making synthesizers, aswell as for enabling people to make their own scientific equipment. These DIY science instruments can be performative, ornamental, robust and useful, or purely conceptual as metaphoric objects for reflection.

Having been trained originally as a scientist in the field of nano-bio-technology, biosensors and material science, i have moved further into highly transdisciplinary practice and worked very globally out from Switzerland into Nepal, India, Indonesia and many other places mostly in Asia and Europe. Thus has the network around hackteria grown into a interesting collaborative community of practice sharing a similar enthusiasm on sharing, prototyping and documenting using our webplatforms on (blog, wiki, forum). See more info on me here.

For this year’s edition of Field_notes, I am very happy to continue our current collaborative network project on Open Soil Research, called HUMUS.Sapiens, which we initiated earlier in collaboration with and Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria this year, and had events in Switzerland, Germany and Indonesia.

Please continue on this topic thread to introduce yourself in more detail and get to know each other virtually already! See you all in Kilpisjärvi!
Marc aka dusjagr

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Hi everyone, sorry it’s taken me so long to introduce myself! I just moved from Montreal to New York to start a job at the New School. I am so excited to join you and meet in person in Kilpisjarvi shortly. I am a feminist science studies scholar and for the past five years, I’ve been researching plastic. This has mainly been from the point of view of theory/social/cultural complications of the fallout of so much plastic in the world, but I am also involved in a group of interdisciplinary researchers (three artists, an art historian, and two geologists) where we have been sampling fresh water for micro plastics. I am really interested in looking at the connections of plastics (especially micro plastics) in the soil and would love to learn more about how to build instruments (metaphorical and otherwise) to think about this more. I am also just really excited to learn from all of you. If you are interested, I post all my writing on my website:

If I was meant to introduce myself somewhere else, my apologies. I’m still sorting through this platform.

hi Marc and everyone,

I am also a participant, Ryu Oyama.
mainly as an artist and a pharmacist in Japan and Germany.
I’m very happy and excited about how I can be involved this project
and I just moved to a new atelier in Okinawa, Japan. So I apologize for delayed reply.

my Interview link

Toru Ryu Oyama

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hi heather aka @hmd , this is great, our fellow HUMUS.Sapiens people doing in parallel also a session on plastics in Luzern, Switzerland and follow up in Stuttgart.

This is all happening also this September. and if anyone wants ot join spontanously… You are very welcome!! @gaudi, @julian, @mamaya
and we put down some notes for a potential activity in Semerang / indonesia.

looking forward to hear more, and how your approach can be embedded in that remote ecosystem around Kilpisjärvi. It’s been kinda running gag and common topic for many of us here on the forum over the last few months. that’s why I hope through documenting and communicating here, we get other virtual inputs from our friends across the globe.