Call for Track Moderators!

We will use this category to prepare for the pre-scheduled tracks and sessions.
See all submitted papers in our gdrive.

Call for Track Moderators!!

We are looking for participants to act in the role of Moderators for the different Sessions (meaning those of you who havent’ submitted a proposal, but are interested to our choosen tracks).

Please reply to this post if you are willing to do so, and we can get started to share some interesing ideas, reflections in advance.

Tracks (See the details on the Schedule)

Track 1: On Citizen Science: making art and technoscience

What sort of worlds does DIYbio hope to create or inhabit? What do we envision as innovation in DIYbio? This track addresses the the imaginaries of biohacking.

Track 2: On Institutions: Drawing boundaries and collaborations

Moderators: @raronoff with support from @lu_cyP
Who or what does DIYbio signal as the ‘other’? How do the others define what biohacking is? This track will discuss the antagonism of Industry and Academia with DIYbio

Track 3: On Identity: insights into politics and values

How does DIYbio conceive its collective identity and values? How do they negotiate these with the outside world? This track will explore how DIYbio defines itself and its beliefs.

Track 4: On BioHacking: Lessons from design and DIYbio practices

How does/should DIYbio make things and with who? How to keep making things? This track the challenges and opportunities of biohacking.

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Wwwoooooowww!! SOOOO maaannny Repliiieeessss!

I could help for the citizen science one.

so i dont know anything about anything, but i suppose I could moderate track3

Hi rachel,
thanks for your interest. let’s look deeper into the session tracks (they have been a bit mixed up, due to re-scheduling and arrival times…)
Track 1 is in Wednesday afternoon with @sabgaby, @bethan (BentoLab), and i am not too sure which @kristijan.tkalec
check, if that fits best for your moderation around your interest in “Citizen Science”, but also check Track 2. you’ll find most of the submitted articles on this gdrive:

cu later

I’d be happy to do track 2 if you need me.

Marc just told me about an hour ago that track 2 might be really more interesting for citizen science. we could do it together?? It was nice to meet you already in Paris!

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Hi all, I’m presenting on the unruly innovations panel but after that, I’d be happy to moderate. I think I’d be good at the values track, I guess? I’m a cultural anthropologist. I work with DIY mycologists / citizen scientists but I’m also familiar with biohackers (I know the counter culture labs people) and other hackers :slight_smile: I also work part-time with MycoWorks so that biofabbing and art angle is really interesting to me. Also the overlap between these DIY worlds and the hi-tech institutional academic world of biotech and genetic engineering.

Hi rachel @raronoff and @lu_cyP,
it would be great if you can do this together!! track2 it is…
We try to have non-speakers involved in getting the best out of the speakers and leading the discussion into something interesting!

get in contact with @winnieponcelet and @massimiliano (not yet on forum), first talk. @punkish (puneet kishor), 2nd talk, and ricardo (maybe @rikimut) and read their papers on gdrive

Best to start already a dedicated topic in the “Sessions” category…

thanks for your support!

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hi Joanna, @jbsteinhardt
thx! we first try to actively engage participant who aren’t yet involved in the program.

but we are super happy if you help us moderate in general and be an active discussant through-out BioFabbing.

looking forward to meet you soon!

Ok! I’m happy to help in whatever capacity.

Looking forward as well!

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feel free to get people interested in your panel, by starting a new topic, also in this category “sessions” and share some stuff for us to get ready.


Hi @dusjagr should the moderator has specific skills? If not, I am interested by track 3. Since it is aligned with the quest in my thesis… I am studying practices in african maker/hackerspace to see which kind of values emerge from them and to see how far these values are far from the idealtype of hacker ethic in one side; in another side, how far these values are from african ethic.

Hi @thomasmboa, that would be great! i guess you have all and more of all the skills but even more important the interest in the topic.
so please start a new track in this “Sessions” category, and look into the 3 speaker’s submission, or even more important start discussing with them. share some infos etc…
Track 3, @sabhyata.timsina, @thierry and @sarah (maybe not yet on the forum)


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Hi there! Your thesis sounds very close to what I am interested in studying about Karkhana (the makerspace that I have become associated with). Will be great to exchange ideas around this topic, looking forward to chatting with you! :slight_smile:

We are still looking for Moderators for:
Track 1 - Art & Technoscience / Accidental BioHackers and IndyDrugs (Wednesday)
Track 4 - On making, infractructures and spaces (Friday)

I hope you don’t get intimidated by the great work and moderation from @lu_cyP and @thomasmboa :thumbsup:

Okay I’m quite late, and moderation isn’t my expertise, but I would do the moderation for Track 4 - On making, infractructures and spaces (Friday). I try to learn from @lu_cyP and @thomasmboa, but when someone likes to join me, you are welcome!
yours Bjorn