Kitchen Pharmacy. Ayurvedic Medicine for Bronchitis

I am thinking of doing Kitchen Pharmacy for Bronchitis Medicine described in Ayurvedic Classics.

I am thinking of doing the following:
1: Bronchitis Meds using raisin and curcuma.
2: Anti-viral smoke with Curcuma and cloves and peppers.

I am hoping to explain the concept of Ayurvedic Pharmacology but don’t expect too much.
I am still feeling weird time to time from all the self abuse and I do not wanna pressure myself too much and trying to make it perfect. so I beg your understanding.

Also, take note that it does not mean we utilize only the medicine describe here in rigorous clinical treatment settings in which we utilize the variety of medicines and treatment individually tailored for each persons.

so Here is what I will do:
1: I will research in Ayurvedic Classics to get the list of recipes that can be made at home.

2: shared the meds and ingredients and recipes here.

I want you guys to tell me if you can/cannot prepare the ingredients.
I will come up with anything that can be utilized.

if you know some of the local plants, let me know the name. preferably with botanical names. so that I can come with different usage of the medicine.

If I am to do this, I will be doing this remotely from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where internet is pretty slow.

by the way, I was researching and found a smoke recipe that contains Arsenic Sulfar Compound. massive poison wow, hardcore…

anyways, I will update again.

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Hei Hiroo

This is so nice! Thank you much for your contribute! This reminds me, yes we should also keep track on those very old and rooted recipes. I read so much fakenews, opensource science gatherings, meetups, hackathons, but so little of people spreading old houswife wisdome. Isn’t it, it is not only the virus mutating but also us humas? And if we still know so little in evolutionary mutations and how this is all happening on a genetic level, why now using also old remedies from our grandmoms and ancestors. All channels open right? Spring anyway is a good time for remedy threw herbal intake. Go out to the forest, do foreging, have fun!

all best


I write you here a swiss local easy recipe to ferment your own coughing siroup.

Fermented Plantago coughing remedy:

you need:



Plantago lanceolato (Spitzwegrich or buckhorn)

how to:

a layer of plantago into the jar, then a layer of sugar, a layer of plantago and repeat until your jar is full. Let it sit at room temperature for 1 month, you can also burry it for a earth fermentation,
to keep steady temeperature. After a month a dark brown, almost black liquid comes out. Sieve the whole liquid into a small bottle. 1tsp. in the morning and evening is good against caughs.


Plantago is a eurasian plant, but has been introduced around the globe, it grows almost everywhere in the northern hemispheres and also in plentytude. It is recognizable for its long erected parallel veins and the flowers will have a mushroom taste if you eat them raw (also nice to
roast them). Plantago lanceolato has been a caughing remedy for hundereds of years in europe and is suitable for kids as well bcs of the
sweetness of the siroupe. It is non-toxic.

Collect lots of Plantago in some remoted natural sites, you can also forage in the city (Eat Your Sidewalk) To collect wild herbs you try to avoid lanes, where dogs are going around. If you are afraid of foxes and how they are spreading cyclophillid tapeworm, be aware that foxes often use eleveted spots to pee and shit, also that cyclophillid tapeworm will be passed by fecal not by foxpee. If you wanne be sure, collect on hilly sides of lanes, where foxes dont like to pee and shit.

Eat Your Sidewalk

The Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook

Maya Minder

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Hi, Mayaaaaaaa

Thanx Thanx.
Yes, yes, keep tracking is always my issue so I am taking this corona moments to do that.
as for old wisdom, I do have tons and tons old medicinal recipe, most super complicated and some super simple.

mutation taking place in us. I agree. Let me talk about it. I will try, this is THE BEST FOUNDATIONAL view, I always wanted convey but since my I-never-know-what-the-fuck-I-am-doing miind, never got it done.

Let me try[warning! lengthy!!]

In Ayurveda, they connect the physical ecosystem of living beings and ecosystem of information VERY neatly. They call it the combination of “Dravya-guna-karma,” which can not be separated. Dravya is physical layer. gua is whatever we, including other living beings, appreciate in our consciousness.
something we sense, feel, think. so information, cultures, numbers, sensations like cold-hot, happy-unhappy falls in here. just like DNA and codon. DNA is physical existance. and lines up in 3 codons, has significance as information. and karma is time plain progressing. I translate it as time progress just in this context, sequence of actions and reactions in the plain of time progress.

Descartes divided dravya and guna thus, separating, mind-body, unfortunately. on the other hand, Indians keep it all interconnected.

Dravya is physical, in our context, the physical ecosystem, on earth it is all connected including organic and inorganic. big gigantic swirls of life process taking place in the Earth. then, as life swirl is going, creating smaller swirls, living systems be it microorganism, humans, animals, you name it. so it is one as a whole.

Guna is in each smaller swirl, living beings, has consciousness. trees feel its metabolism, humans feel and think. animals feels. for humans, we not only feel physical sensation like cold-hot which is very important factors for keeping metabolism in tact, we also process language, thoughts. for humans this gunas appears to be layers and layers. we Japanese share layers of Japanese-ness in which we process information in Japanese language thus we have distinctive way of appreciating the world compare to say latin americans. Biohackers and xenofeminists process the world in different planes than neonazis and neoliberals, although we obtain data through the same sense devises(eyes and ears). enocomic system is one of the layers, your subculture in which you belong has its own layers. and lastly all the individuals has the his/her/xeir own layers, which we call individual consciousness.
Internet, which is physical plane, guna made of the world of connected network, conveys the informations and create ecosystem of networks of different layers and cultures. each individuals being a node. I do not share the internet traffics that neonazis use and they do not share the nformation networks that I use, queer biohacking anarchy(I do not like ones in violent mindset) gamer networks and I am a node of the entire network of that subculture.

and they all are process in the time plane, karma. just like the patterns of chaos, or mandala of netwroks are constanting acting and reacting.

conclusions: yes as the physical dravya network is greatly influenced in our existence, say corona virus, changing the entire ecosystem process including less of pollution we put out. Our information and thoughts ecosystem, ones in internet network, or in more individual node wise, how we process the information and emotions and thoughts in each one of us.

We are constantly changing and evolving, physical drava ecosystem is constantly changing, which in turn influence how we are processing and appreciating the world, guna, on the time plane, karma. and as Indian says, there is no such thing as “concrete” being. each being is a part of greater network and we are constantly changing. Hence, we can say, we are evolving and mutating and changing always.

wow, this is the best attempt to summarize the foundational view of the entire living system in Ayurveda and I just wanted to try using your “we are evolving” as an opportunity to do so.

as for the recipes, yes I found the plant described in Ayurvedic context and could use it in bronchial, upper respiratory inflammations. I do not know the scientific validity of describing it in Ayurvedic pharmaceutical point of view. but hey, when Ayurveda reached to Tibet, they have to adjust and find all the substitute for Tibatan environments and after 1200 years, it is perfectly addapted. so yes yes yes yes♡

peace peace peace and hoping to go visit EU before too long(I was on the way to go their just before this happened!!)

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Hei Dears

I found this online about the remedie of Artemisia plants. Its what whole Africa is talking about and the president of Madagaskar is promoting in this official video in the french news. He claims WHO that they dont want to support this natural remedy bcs its comming from Africa instead of big pharmacies. Real interesting topics in all directions. Interesting, that WHO is mostly founded by privats since the public interest has declined. is it conspiracy? What do you think?

this is the counter article published by WHO, have a look how the picture is depicting certain iconic mainstream of tradition medicinal practise.