Gender & (bio)hacking


Bruno mentioned gender as an issue in (bio)hacking yesterday morning - both in terms of how the conference has been organised and in connection with diversity issues generally. Feminist hackerspaces are on the rise. I’m curious how it is being a woman in your hacking communities - anyone else want to discuss? Maybe over lunch today?


I did some comment about that in tack 3 where you (@srdavies) are involved:slight_smile:


I’m going to be talking about some experiences of fostering practices of hacking in kathmandu, Nepal


We have a bunch of GenderBenders, Transhackfeminists, Qeerr-sexy-postTransGenies and more…
talks to @marymaggic, @Gnip, @Pin (still not on the forum!!)


I will post a urine exam technique used by the age old ayurveda. It is no longer used practically but I find it fascinating how creative they interepret the biochemical composition and apply that as a dyagnosis complimetary technique. It is a simple drop of sesame oil upom urine in the petri

I think it goes together with mary s urine hack…


Paula and Mary had a great illustration about the possible conditions and colors of urine and what you can dedect from it. @marymaggic


it’s from a project Aqua Vita, they redesigned the medieval urine wheel
(who has ever had green urine>??? :)))


I did a workshop at Double Union!!! Really sweet and talented ladies.

Another good reference is the research of Stefanie Wuschitz, she has been setting up all female workshops around the world and is equally critical of this setup (female hackerspace ghettos??? reinforcing gender stereotypes???) <–her talk on feminist hackerspaces


Queer Theory on performativity definitely has a place in the discourse.

For any writers out there, I think this call is a nice opportunity, for Ada magazine, and no publication fees!
(Radical Feminist Storytelling and Speculative Fiction: Creating new worlds by re-imagining hacking)