Laser Dye Jonthinobacterium lividum


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Just to know if there’s information about Jonthinobacterium Lividum is photosensitive to certain light spectrum? can laser effects its’ growing? this is what I found for the basic part:


I have been looking into this list of materials from the fabric-academy.
very well done!

let’s collect some ideas here on different bacterial dies, photosensitive bio-materials and sonogenetic opto-quantum tesla microboes.

i guess we talk to our good old friends at waag to get some stuff when we need.


Sounds like an incredible list! :dizzy::dizzy: Would love to add to it, but the link is not working…

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edited the link above. was mistake in copy / paste


Found this publication on e.coli that was turned RGB light sensitive.

mbe we can just ask them to send some over. here is the original “behind-the-paywall” paper:
nchembio.2390.pdf (1.4 MB)