Traditional weaving and natural dyes on Hamahiga Island

Thanks to @asato1984 we could visit the workshop of his friend, who lives on Hamahiga Island, across the brigde from our temporary Labo on Henza Island.
It was very interesting to see how her practice and the amazing studio she has set up on this tiny little island, remote from the urban noise of Okinawa or Uruma city.

Looking forward to another meeting to happen on 10th April, where she will visit Sonda Labo, @Ryuoyama @sondastudio . I hope we can discuss more about natural dies, connect to activities from our friends from DIY or DYE - BadLab project @corinna.mattner, @mamaya and maybe organize another collaboration in the future, similar to Tribe Against Machine @weiweiweiwear activities around connecting the e-textile communities to traditional aboriginal tribes and crafts people in Taiwan.

We had earlier discussions on natural and synthetic dies, lasers, persimon and more here:

Great to meet some of our remote collaborators! @theyrneh @weiweiweiwear

hei everybody

this is a project done by a curator and designer based in spain. “Textile Biofilia” has been exhibition artists that work with different new materials, like roots, mushrooms, coconuts, etc.

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thx, @mamaya for this resource! Some common friends in there from @weiweiweiwear, who has been in that scene for a long time.

And a nice projects i found in there on making shoes with coconuts. seems it’s the same as the Nata de Coco, and reinforced with coconut fibre!

More info here:
Its a company based in Cherthala, Kerala “the coconut state”.


We received the bacterial cellulose starters yesterday and will grow larger amounts of it during the coming weeks!

Also this artist / designer, Aniela Hoitink, who participated at Abao’s Tribe against Machine 2017/18 has done some nice work.

@corinna.mattner maybe we can try to invite her for our upcoming program hackteria in bitwäscherei.

Some of Aniela Hoitink’s attempts in the group work, she also made that ramie+gelatin cape bases on Atayal tribe traditional garment format.

Kombucha workshop leaded by Giulia Tomasello, Pauline Vierne, Svenja Keune in e-Textile Summer Camp 2016

laser kambucha