Let's share some resources dedicated to Open Soil Research


Here’s a great book chapter from Maria Puig de la Bellacasa’s book Matters of Care all about caring for soil (sorry for my highlights!)Bellacasa_Soil Times.pdf (1.2 MB)


Here’s a wonderful text on eating dirt and its commodification by the artist A. Laurie Palmer: http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/whitedirt-com-a-laurie-palmer/


@ROBOTMIKE shared me this amazing piece the other day on the work of artist Mel Chin. It’s about a piece of his from the 90s called “Revival Field” where he, in part, reframed scientific research on soil bioremediation (hyperaccumulation of heavy metals by plants) that couldn’t get funded as art, and was able to install and run it in a bunch of different places - one of the places being STUTTGART in 2000-01, 10 years after it was originally conceived. The attention his piece got is credited with drumming up interest in the field of phytoremediation, leading to more research.

Here’s the documentation of the work, curated at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in collaboration with Hohenheim University, Department of Plant Nutrition: http://www.haussite.net/haus.0/gh/rfs.html

The picture up top and this really nice video are from his website