News on Soil and Agriculture

Some things are good if we update together as a collective mind and culture.

A project by manchaster based Future Everything

It turns out this year, 2020, is International Year of Plant Health…

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And… i finally found a local Swiss study on plastics in soil and agricultural land.

There is a sommerschool happening in Gut Rheinau on World Food Systems organized by eth zĂĽrich. Some might remember, that we have been visiting this place in the humus.sapiens on tour in 2018.
much recommandation to it.

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Thank you for this information Maya. Very interesting.

i am looking a bit deeper into “Forest Gardening”… gotta do something until i grow old on Randen!

i want some Sichuan pepper!!


This friendly guy in the video also wrote an interesting book “Creating a Forest Garden: Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops“ - which is available at the Library (Genesis). It is very valuable for European climate and has a lot of short species portraits inside, also of some quite unknown and interesting trees.

@dusjagr: lets have a planting session at Randelab this summer?
in 10-20 years you can probably grow lemons and figs up there…

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