Looking for a 3D-Print artist


I’m looking for an artist, who can design a custom, colored 3D model. The model will depict one of my friends in a sci fi setting and is intended as a present. Targeted size for the 3D model is about 10-15 cm, material is up to the artists preferences. Most important part is the quality of the face and overall figure. Due to the 3D model being a present, the face needs to be designed on the basis of several profile photos. Everything besides the face is part of the sci fi setting and will be described in detail.

Does anyone here know someone who can design such a model? Compensation shouldn’t be a problem and will be discussed with the artist.

Thanks for everyone who can get me in contact or point in the right direction.

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Actually I am working with several amazing 3D artists- one of which worked on the Avengers movie. If you’re on Discord, I would be more than happy to connect you, email works as well. Even Instagram, for that matter. On Insta I am @MothAntler or nanotopia at me dot com email :mushroom::notes: we recently worked on Mycelia together- which performed at AMAZE Berlin & the Venice Film Festival and soon :point_right:t3: next Friday at the Raindance film festival

Sounds good! I’ll write you an email.