Mammalian Tissue Culture

Wondering if anyone has had success getting access to mammalian tissue culture space? Or finding collaborators to work on TC projects with? Or if there are bio makerspaces anywhere that have TC setups?


We never did real TC at Hackuarium, partially because we have no CO2, but especially because I don’t like the idea (let alone the cost) of FBS (fetal bovine serum…).
Apparently, some defined media are around that work ok without this, but I have no experience with them. What would you like to do?
(We use inner cheek cells for our micronucleus and comet assays - think of our human body as making useful model cells for expts is my practical means to think about human cell expts. Of course, for biosafety issues as some people have pathogens as part of their microbiome, we are not allowed to really culture people’s cells, is another consideration.)
At Hackuarium we have old incubators (recuperated from other lab) that could have CO2 input, but haven’t set any up… Where are you?

I’m interested in growing muscle cells for a research/biodesign project. I’m based in Denver CO. I’m definitely willing to travel to work on the project! But I think Hackuarium is a bit far :laughing:

It is helpful that you noted that you have incubators that are capable but that you don’t have CO2 running to! I’ve been just assuming that a bunch a biomaker spaces don’t have the capability but I think this reminds me that I should ask directly. Thanks!

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good luck! hope your muscle cells can grow in defined media (not with fbs)! look forward to seeing how things go…