Any Hackers in Birmingham, UK or tips for an ex academic going DIYBio?

Hi everyone

So a little about me. In 1999 I finished my degree in Biological Sciences (Genetics) at University of Birmingham. I had 4 years post grad molecular biology lab experience but for various reasons things didn’t work out and I ended up with no PhD and sadly leaving the world of research.

Today I’m still a lover of science and still miss the wet lab experience. My children are also growing up and I’d love to share the joys of pcr etc with them. I’d really hoped to find a hackerspace but no luck so far. Does anyone know of any spaces/likeminded folk near me. I’d also be interested in your thoughts on how feasible it is to set up at home -seems to be a nightmare to see anything decent and not extortionate on eBay.

Even a hello would be amazing :wink: