Temporary BioHack-Lab

Description needed…

i suggest “tracks” or thematics of some kind, perhaps Adam and I can have a bio-queering station with hormones, urine, and fish egg microinjections. most important is that we dont have to clean up until the event is over, hope cern will be fine with the big bio mess

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still unsuccessful to get zebrafish to produce fertilized eggs -
@marymaggic what kind of fish eggs were you thinking? … frog eggs? … Adam, fertilized chicken eggs?
also… tardigrades (Vanessa?), plants (moss, Vanessa?), we need living growing matter…

also, I am part of the “local” team, please let us know things you may need to source

@sachiko tobiko haha! zebrafish embryos would be cool

I will have my whole estrogen suite as well - YES YEAST, solid phase extraction, column chromatography - the works. we can search through the xeno waters for something hormonally potent (river-gyne) also do some urine extraction experiments.

@sachiko do you have any c18 cartridges? SPE works much better with it, and i have only 5 or so left.

@marymaggic and @sachiko we have tardigrades and other companions, algae, some surviving daphnia (not many, we can order more if need this Friday) and moss. Maybe some growing mushrooms also if the survive lab conditions. The local team, we should arrange also a microscope, Petri dishes and glassware.

@marymaggic Tobiko isn’t too difficult to find in Geneva, we would go to Uchitomi - I can get some and bring it to CERN

@marymaggic - also C18 matrix -I have none - I can ask
in the meanwhile, ebay canada has some

continuing the conversation on companions -
I have happy composting worms, and zebra fish

Juhuu, Biofabbing is about to start… The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is already up and running (started 28 Apr 2017). The experiments should provide insights into the fundamental laws of nature. On my last visit to the ATLAS detector I thought there was quite little life nature research going on in that system (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATLAS_(Detektor). The Atlas cavern must completely evacuated during particle collision due to strong magnetic fields, energy of the beam, radioactivity and possibility of micro black holes. (Iris scanner at the entrance of ATLAS: http://www.lhc-facts.ch/img/gefahren/eye.jpg). I was wondering what happens to all those rats, worms and microbes in the tunnel and detector. So I suggest to work on the R-ATLAS project, bringing life to CERN. How do tardigrades, algae, daphnia, moss, paramecia, yeast, worms, zebrafish, frog eggs, chicken eggs, sheeps behave at IdeaSquare temporary BioHack-Lab . I also heard there is such a thing as “particle feever” - guess it’s not known what causes it. Further on my list of lab stuff is screen printing, silicon casting, silk worm electrospinning, coco nuts, lasers and agar and non linear cristals.

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Hi this is ADam Z finally on the forum. So, I have a few ideas. I would like to microinject estrogen into sushi grade Tobiko. I would rather inject into zebrafish embryos as there would be developmental effect. Both are yummy alternative drug delivery systems for microdosing estrogen. Also the estrofish stem cells are good for the skin, I suggest a live facial. My preferred lab would be to tissue culture human embryonic stem cells (HESc) [I don’t mind if they have trisomy or some other built in unviability to keep the horde contained. I would like to electroporate the HESc with an absurd ‘witches brew’ just for DIY practice. I don’t think we can do this, but I will bring the electroporator and the microinjector.

I have been considering making a biolistic blow gun with PVC and a laser pointer and some duct tape but then I thought about airbrush biolistics. The only problem I see is Nanoparticle toxicity in biological systems, in particular I am looking at Zofia Gagnon’s research on The effect of nanoparticular metals on bone microarchitecture during embryonic development. Considering there are no filters small enough to stop aeration of nanoparticles, I don’t know if I want public blow guns or air brushes busting all those plasmid or crispr or honeydew juice soaked gold ananoparticles up in the CERN space. See: > Adam C. Stahler a, Jennifer L. Monahan a, Jessica M. Dagher a, Joshua D. Baker a, Marjorie M. Markopoulos a, Diane B. Iragena a, Britney M. NeJame b, Robert Slaughter c, Daniel Felker c, Larry W. Burggraf c, Leon A.C. Isaac d, David Grossie a, Zofia E. Gagnon b,⁎, Ioana E. Pavel Sizemore a,⁎ Evaluating the abnormal ossification in tibiotarsi of developing chick embryos exposed to 1.0 ppm doses of platinum group metals by spectroscopic techniques. Bone 53 (2013) 421–429. Perhaps we can talk about microinjecting zebrafish embryos with different concentrations of estrogen and different concentrations of nanoparticles and watch the effect of the dueling changes? This is all part of Methods of Transgenesis: Shoot, Shock and Inject but its an interlude on Nanotoxicity: Topical, Edibile, Aeratable?

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Adam Z here, putting the Gnip to the Gnop. I am working on plasmid design, crspr design and/or zinc finger design for human applications and would like to just talk to everyone about designing constructs for human genetic modification, protein therapy, embryo knock-ins and general materials and methods of making transgenic nieces. I would like to take the time to deelop a bioinformatic library of possibilities. I don’t expect that to happen in two weeks by Lake Geneva but I would like to brain drain this crew on the topic. Fab company BTW… :beers:


Speculative Creative Plasmid Design (self-replicating Viral DNA loops) and CRSPr/ZFN conceptual constructs for inherited genetic modification of the human germline IGM based on aesthetics gleaned cubism, surrealism, abstract expressionism or even minimalism built into the human germline. What is the Transgenic Human Genome Project (THGP)?

I worked in a zebrafish lab in oregon for my first lab experience.
we used marbles on the bottom of the tank to keep the fish from eating the freshly laid eggs…
we kept males and females separate, adding the males in the morning and getting lots of eggs every morning. (I guess these days you can use enzymes to remove the chorion, but we dechorionated by hand… tricky! but needed for the injections!!)

wouldn’t a biolistic blow gun be a bit against the biohacker code to only do things for peaceful purposes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

forgot to post video @Gnip Adam Z in action!!! https://vimeo.com/159528367

ESTROFISH i love , even if its speculative and we can’t get any zebrafish, I know some effects will be to fish oil sac that the embryos need to balance themselves or else they spin out of control (this is what i heard from BPA zebrafish babies) New startup idea for fish oil therapy???
we will need to dissolve the hormones in DMSO @sachiko haben? i still have the small bottle you gave me but i’m growing increasingly weary about bringing solvents on planes

@raronoff the short answer is yes but if you know the work of Adam he brings the necessary sadistic touch to experimental design and performance to call out rules, boundaries, status quo, even if they are written into some biohacker code … it will be a fun ride! :slight_smile:

:grin: looking forward!!

The blow gun idea is not a weapon, but it does have symbolic implications. Biolistic geneguns are used on humans for gene vaccine therapeutic testing but also on plants and animals. The blowgun would just replace the pressured helium tanks with human lungs. Does GOSH allow us to publically make a rich tissue culture of hESC (Human Embryonic Stem Cells) and electroporate (shock) the DNA into the cells. If we keep the cells alive for a while, we can ponder implantation of embroid bodies… And then offer them a regal death: 2 million Burned at sea, fed to birds or cooked in cream sauce.

Do we have budget and clearance to order some of these:

BG01V Human ES Cells
Product Code: GSC-1103
Availability: In Stock

Recommended Use: Research involving human pluripotent stem cells; training
Type Human - karyotypic variant
Product Unit Cryopreserved vial
Size 1 vial, ~2 million cells
Storage Liquid nitrogen
Quality Testing Tested for healthy undifferentiated growth, sterility, human pathogens, Mycoplasma, post-thaw viability
Shipping Dry ice
Other Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses. Artists and Anthropologists welcome.


@marymaggic DMSO noted in my list of things to bring - ya, don’t fly with solvents -

@Gnip we can ask the stem cell people - [quote=“Gnip, post:16, topic:24”]
Artists and Anthropologists welcome.

I didn’t know this - is this Thermo Fischer in quotes, or your touch?
You want a flask? you want this frozen? you need feeders? media? If I’m going to ask, I want to ask for the whole shebang
we can test some silk protein gels for growing stuff

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Good to be visiting your .ch
If there is a willingness. to purchase HESc… i.e.
If you are serious, I will research the whole protocol.
I think we could make a public lab from some portions of this protocol:

Zinc-finger Nuclease DeEnhanced Gene Targeting in TransHuman Embryonic Stem Cells

One major limitation with current human embryonic stem cell (ESC) differentiation protocols is the generation of heterogeneous cell populations for normal baby replacement therapy.

Tell me if your are willing and I will mete out the protocol and materials list.

@Gnip my main concern is the number of days we have to do something with mammalian cells - I would bounce this off of @dusjagr

I could assemble and bring a “Is my Odin Crispr Kit infested” kit!

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