Mega-OSH meetup

Howdy folks! Book your calendars for 4pm UTC august 20th! MEGA-OSH MEETUP
Go to this Zoom link!

We want to do a simple thing which is just have folks from a bunch of different open source and science communities meet up with each other and learn about each other’s community!

I’ll be going around cross inviting folks from groups like

  • openenvirodata
  • Dinacon
  • NEON and LTER
  • JOGL
  • PLOS Journal

And whatever other groups i can think of!

You should invite anyone you can!

If there’s a lot of people, we will prob do some breakout rooms to have people be able to introduce themselves to each other more personally!


Thanks for setting this up, happy to share it with the communites in Japan & Asia!

Andy definitely also post in!

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for some reason GOATech doesn’t let me sign up! I can register but they never send a confirmation email (checked spam and everything)