Utopiana Fermentista Gathering 28.1.-3.2.2019

Hei All, so I start a Forum for our Gathering at Utopiana from 28.1.-3.2. There is Alana Lynch and me present and other people from far who might want to join (helo Marketa, Vanessa, Marion and Deniza) Utopiana can host up to 8 people. Come pass by and we write and do brainstroming on kombucha, wild herbs, fungi, bitcoins, speculations, community, labs, kitchen and the migration of politics in a postdigital era.

Pls introduce yourself and have fun talking about fermentation, wildherbs, fungi, healing and community.


If you are interested, pls read the


after the



Timothy Leary


local invasive neophytes in switzerland
(sadly in german only)

it would be lovely to attend, or at least link up…an idea if I am remote&local to Newcastle is I find a few ferministas in the local fermenter Scene, and run a simultaneous event :slight_smile:


Introduction : Hi I am Brian,. I am interested in Bakterias[microbes], Botanicals[herbals] and Beverages[drink]. Zymergy is my friend :slight_smile:

Hei everybody, seems like the dates are changing, so I am not sure if it is better to postpone more into warmer degrees season. Wildherbs start to bloom in march?

Depends on, but yes.

if you set it now, it might be possible to get cheap transport there.

I’ll be in Genève Feb 4-8 (arriving 3rd evening and leaving 9th morning). I could be convinced to make or drink some mind-altering [^1] bacterial drinks one of those evenings

[^1]: whereby “mind-altering” I mean things that are perfectly legal and transport me only to a peaceful/happy state… fermented drinks made from cabbage or beets qualify

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hei I will unfortunatly not be in geneva, but here is an event by hackuarium that will be interesting for you, it will happen in Ecublens