Notes from Rudiger Josaih CRSPr hahnenkampf

CRSPr Zaynor Rudiger Josaih CRSPr hahnenkampf ODIN CRISPR Scheiss

Sent: 100s – 1000s of kits shipped
Regulators Philosophers Artists Biohacker

GMO law - illegal purchase
Ordered the Kit – But did not use it.
Not mixing.
Damage control
Shipping Labelling and Quality Controls not controlled

Bavarian Regulators for grassroots, perhaps certified organic GMO kits?
Labeled Wrongly – Something Wrong – The kit was handed over and
Pathogens found S2 Pathogens multi-resistant infectious contaminated

Greenpeace sequencing Not Airtight
No quality assurance
Warnings about DIY kits for public use
Don’t ship to Germany any more

BioPunk NASA PhD Zaynor type
Sanger Sequencing
Official Response and personal communication
But no repeal of grungy garage behavior

EU_CDC asked the DIY bio
To do better than accidental soap pathogenic S2 (BL2) recall
FDA Aphis Import-Export Rules very lax, EMBO only export lax
Is this just Rudiger personally pissed that Josiah would be so careless as to send him a bunk kit?
Is the separation of DIY communities into those who have funds and will to do quality control
Worth the rift, a sort of whiney rift in our already disparate communities.
Wouldn’t’ it be more adult to have a food fight staged at a conference?

Hans Jonas – Precautionary Principle technology for harming
Bl1-4 - containment of BioError
Fermentation – mechanism as containment
MI6 are tracking you, if You ship kits, You are promoting bioterrorism

Concept- disorganized collective is not deliberately opaque
Sometimes obfuscation is a tactic
Zaynor wants to go against the world governments in the name of access to GMO.
Has a personality problem, humility vrs narcissism, is also scientism, religiously proGMO
What regulators do with Bio-Rad kits for sale?
Minimal Standards, Regulations, Technical Standards
We sound like Opium Dealers planning what to do when its legalized
DIY Decentered – Standards, packaging. Yearly Audit, certified 100% clean drugs.
These kits are for profit but profit is not the motive…
It’s about living dissemination of technoobsession, it’s a CRSPr free advertising for Sangamo stock promotion and GMOs everywhere.

No talk about the effect on the environment from either side,
Crowd sourced peer review. Outside audit manager. Biosafety Officers
All to insure that the kits are working to make genetic pollution more true to the advertising.
Certified DIY - Co-laboratory Praxis DIYBIO Minimal Quality Control
Safety Standards Registered, garage regulators, hackintegrity, pirate’s code.

If DIY GMOs are grass roots,
Can we call these organic DIY GMOs.?
If you don’t know what you did, add one level of containment.
Bad batches get you Suspended for a couple of months.
Meanwhile the WAAG says their kits are advertised as novelty pets and toys not to be used
Kit is sent with instruction: you shoundn’t open it, use it, it is only a pet. PetShop funky text.

What is DIY quality control:
Optical 16s sequencing machine and commercial external testing.
At the moment its legal, don’t make it harder than the current legal system.
Stop shitty regulation, and expensive oversight.
Double Amplification…
Genophobia - Mutaphobia vrs DIYbio
In terms of the The government AntiDIY-BIO predudice.
In terms of Transgenic Germline Human Mutants
What are the shipping protocols, how are they bought and sold, what is the return policy and how is quality germline human mutant difference assured?

Digital Containment
Time Stamp – Lock Chain – Batch Stacked in a library.

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