Planning Session - advocating for grassroots citizen science


@pieter - presumably you registered a while ago, no? They must be finalising the document by now if it’s due for the end of the month - I suspect it’s too late to have any influence…

Do you know of any opportunities to influence FP9 agenda setting? I guess what you mention is about reviewing the past H2020 SwafS (most of us weren’t involved) - is there any additional process for taking on new suggestions for the next funding framework?


Hi Lucy, I think I registered something like 2 or 3 weeks ago. We got contacted because we are part of two SwafS project at the moment. There are many meetings in Brussels on FP9, but is difficult to say which ones are most influential. Most likely your national contact point can help you with that too


I have good contact with the Swiss contact point. He happened to contact me in the past when some project had something to do with DIY.