Rewilding Culture - Feral Labs Node Book #1 | just fresh from the press

Our friends from the Feral Labs Network have just summarized and reflected on the last 2 years of co-organizing summer-camps, hack-labs, field trips and other modes of temporary labs for transdisciplinary research and collaborations in remote areas.

Some Quotes from the introduction (by Uros Veber):

By design, Feral Labs are of transdisciplinary nature and discern no clash in focusing on production of cultural artefacts and philosophy, hacking and tinkering with technology, sensing environmental data, creatin educational content and addressing resilience by investigating environmental and technological challenges, all within the same event framework.

Feral Labs rely on and subscribe to the ethos of open and free software and hardware as harboured by the Free and Open Source movements.

Whole new worlds opened once the notion of hacking became less bound to computing; hacking moved beyond artificial life, beyond simulation, it reached further with the hybridisation of the electronic and the biological and then moved beyond that. Hack everything: hack money, hack food, hack bacterial colonies, hack you, hack life!

And thanks for the credits:

We also wish to acknowledge the wider network beyond our immediate group, the beacons, inspirations and friends, who build similar vessels and navigate similar waters as the Feral Labs Network: The Dinacons, organised by Andy Quitmeyer, Tanseem Khan and L. Wilkins, Homemade, organised by SGMK and Oki Wonder Lab by Hackteria, Lab Kill Lab and STWST 48H Linz curated by Shu Lea Cheang.

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