Seeds of Contend / Bioassay in your own dirt | Let's talk about it (Online meeting)

hey Folks,

After last year event and after some other meeting and gathering in Brussels and investigation in the field, We started something and we are punting those things in Hackteria’s wiki.

Seeds of Contend / Bioassay in your own dirt

A series of regional events combining a residency of variable duration on site, as well as a research laboratory (garage bio / grassroots biology / field biology) and production, a local awareness and a gathering of actors being usually invisibilized of the sector of activities of market gardening and agriculture and in the squats of undocumented people

Events and meeting in Brittany (+ residency) are up and ongoing, Brussels next gathering and events are undergoing preliminary discussions, Italia will be the third playground area.

So I thin kit’s time to talk with you and make a short oral explanation, a cool presentation, and open a discussion if you are interested to give you some details and explanations.

On BigBlueButton videoconf room here: Talk de Domaine Public

Let’s try to find a time slot for this appointment:

Central European Time (CET)

  • Thursday 8 March at 12.00 noon
  • Thursday 8 March at 4.00 pm
  • Monday 13 March at 2.00 pm
  • Monday 13 March at 7.00 pm

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See you soon & take care <3

Well, see you on Monday 13 march at 2.00 pm.


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car accident on the way to work. I had to reschedule this online meeting and fun discussion.

Feel free to suggest another schedule.

Stay safe, take care, see you soon.

hope everything’s alright :face_with_peeking_eye:

here’s something that looks like a poll :

  • I prefer weekends
  • weekdays (evening)
  • weekdays (afternoon)
  • weekdays (morning)
  • too busy right now… how about april ?

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Sorry, I was away from keyboard.
Just voted now.

Well, let’s say weekdays afternoon, right? @lula


  • 24/04
  • 25/04
  • 26/04
  • 27/04
  • 28/04

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or just a week later

  • 02/05
  • 03/05
  • 04/05
  • 05/05

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Here we are:
Tuesday 02 May afternoon. Let’s say 3:00 pm

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I think I was the only persone online :sweat_smile:
try again next tuesday ?