Session Proposal - University BioFabLab / Biohacklabs

I am starting a biofablab at Roskilde university in Denmark, and I would like to create a session centeret around university biofablabs / biohacklabs.

We can talk about.

  • get an overview and a network of unilabs
  • how to co-develop course materials. Extend on existing courses. biohack academy, biology Zero, How to really grow everything.
  • common research and funding applications
  • Open source hardware. As the biofablab at RUC is co-located with an amazing fablab and crew.

Reply here or collect notes in this g.doc.

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In Belgium there is a uni lab: Open BioLab Brussels (

You should totally get in touch with Tom who’s running it. He’s figuring out all the things you mention as well.

Fwiw there are interesting advantages and disadvantages to this kind of setup. Can give you my experience in working with them in short:

  • Bureaucracy slows things down
  • High tech machinery is cool
  • Help from students is great
  • Access to a lot of knowledge is nice
  • It’s all about budgets at some point, so incentives tend to differ