Sleeping in RandeLab

No worries you don’t HAVE to sleep in the forest (but you can)

The house is nice and easily can host up to 15 people for sleeping. There are matraces and duvets for most of the beds, but bringing along a sleeping bag is great.

Generally the infrastructure in RandeLab is simple but cozy, the upper floor has many beds, a small library and a Commodore 64 gaming corner.

For those of you who want to do some camping with tents outside, be aware that the ground is a bit tilted.


We installed a new outdoor platform for washing just for YOU!!
See OpenMandi, Indonesian style washing, on out git hub!

And prepare for outdoor bucket washing by watching this move:

I don’t know where to write this, so I will write it here.

Thank you all for the life-changing retreat! I am super happy to meet you all! Especially I want to thank Marc for organizing me there, and Maya for making practical things very easy! I’m not going to list all the names, but special thanks go to Julian for organizing (and great discussions etc.) and Salome, who picked me up at the airport and made sure that I go to the right train in the end! Maybe I can also thank ANYMA people here, it was super super great at Freiburg!

Personally, I will definitely continue working with the subject of open (soil) research and electronic arts. Hmm… Something has been grounded to my brains recently (ja ja…). For me, this is the beginning… I am much waiting to be in contact in the future!

The topic of this thread is washing, so here how we handle dirty clothes in Finland:


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