RandeLab - Easter(H)egg

dear friends,

Happy to announce an informal Hackteria hack-session and gathering coming up soon in RandeLab, 18-23. April, means over the easter holiday. And we’ll go beyond eggs!!

Please, reply to this topic or contact me directly if you want to join!

Sofar we have Rüdiger Trojok coming with a bunch of friends from Munich, Gaudi himself and a few visits by local friends from the region.

I am starting to put more notes on the wiki about the program and people NOW.

Looking forward for a great weekend full of discussions, glowing msuhrooms, hacking the wild and ploughing the soil for my future Super-Power-Sorghum Monoculture.

Looking forward to host you!

And see older impressions from sessions in RandeLab, such as the Humus.Sapiens retreat or the Hackteria Hage Lectures

It’s looking goooooood…

I will start preparing the place staring from wednesday and then go shopping with @gaudi and his car on thursday, perfect and nice weather seems to be on the horizon!

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I am going to teleport my soul and vibes to join -

Affirming my energy


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What the HäGG!
As I would love to join and enjoy company and creativity with you, you have to be satisfied with my soul :smiling_imp::innocent:, too.
all the best

Starting to document our “Biosafety” concept for RandeLab :slight_smile:

Hey! is anything happening there during july or august? I would love to bring my homemade cheese and bread to anywhere and feed people in interesting camps!