Info and questions on RandeLab Soil Retreat

dear fellow humusologists and soil-geeks,

the preparations for Hackteria’s RandeLab Soil Retreat are rolling and we are all super happy to host you next week for a long weekend of discussions, experiments and get to know each other. See an overview of the program, arrival and accommodation info being documented on the hackteria wiki.


you all have confirmed to join us in RandeLab, some are still in discussion and i keep you in the loop in this email, and hope you can anyway join the discussions virtually.
I tried to invite everybody to our online discussion forum. if you haven’t received the invitation, please login in here and read-up, join with your ideas and introduce yourself virtually.

Updating info
all communication will now be via the forum, no more emails or wemakeit news.

Schedule, 4-6. May
Some participants already arrive on thursday 3rd, you are also welcome to join!
we can also stay 1-2 days longer, and then some of us go to Fribourg for more technical devs.

General Info about RandeLab
Many of you have already visited and hopefully been informed…
RandeLab is a simple forest house, in a beautiful natural setting. but also limited infrastructure to keep our minds floating. Simple dry toilet, pumping of collected water (kinda drinkable), limited but available solar power, cooking on fire, limited but available internet, outdoor washing platform and cozy fireplaces.

Arrival in RandeLab
See detailed info here. and ask questions on the forum.
Generally it is appreciated if you book your travel and arrive by public transport, and walk up the last part (but we can help picking up luggage or yourself from Merishausen)
be aware that we cannot have all of you coming with your own car and park in Randen, due to limited travel allowance in the protected areas.

Who are you?
It would be great if you can already introduce yourself virtually on the forum. I have started a list of participants and short descriptions on the wiki. help me to complete it!

What are your interests?
We still have some time to prepare our temporary lab in the woods, source materials and think about interesting workshops and DIY research ideas. Please share your interests and also describe what you can bring into the group for feedback and discussion.

So far we have decsribed various ideas on the forum:

  • DIY measurements of soil respiration using low-cost and open source hardware
  • Microscopic analysis of arbuscular mycorrhizal spores
  • digging holes… (and experiment with cameras and scanners)
  • balloon mapping using near-infrared cameras
  • our-sci data sharing platform for android for broad use of sensors
  • DIY instrumentation for chemical water / soil analysis

And yes! you will all receive a t-shirt!