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please add links and contend!! :slight_smile:

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above: some ciliate from my compost sample
below: stoma and silicate spices from a leaf (i forgot which plant it was) prepared by Maria Degand

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Hi ,
Greetings to all lovers of the microkosmos, the invisible world just beneath our feet.
Many thanks to Julian, Josephine and Rolf for the beautiful and inspiring weekend at this hidden magic place. Also many thanks to all the interesting people that shared their knowledge and passion. As the head of the registered association „Mikrobiologische Vereinigung München“ i‘m very happy that the magic world of the small things and especially the Soil related topics got so much attention. The primary founder of the association Mr. Raoul H.France wrote 1907 :
„ …let us unite, naturalists, teacher,physicians,students and all who feel passion for the nature and vivid education . Let‘s found an association to propagate the use of microscopes and the knowledge about the natures microscopic details…“
So the first information i want to share with you is a link to the pages where you can find -among other interesting documents- the famous Book „Das Edaphon „ from (Edaphos=the ground, the soil)

See you soon,

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Uuups, here is the link
And the first edition was from 1911
Good night,
P.S. pictures and videos from soil/humus will follow soon



Wow, thank you so much for sharing this great book!!

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i just stumbled over those peeps from Latam, nice overview of stuff to do with soil.

we’ll meet at GOSH and geek together in the pre-GOSH hacking sessoin.





It’s been a few days since I’ve been reading a lot of interesting stuff over here. Finally I signed up and was wondering if there is anyone willing to help me get started with my first microscopy work. My goal would be to study Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, in order to make it part of an artproject I’m working on. But honestly, I have no idea yet if I can get there anytime soon, since I have almost no experience. I thought about buying a DIY microscopy kit from public lab and see what I can do with it. Anyhow I would love to get first hand information and advice on DIY microscopy - so if you think you can help me, let’s get in touch!! Btw. I’m based in Lucerne (unfortunately I missed a lot of events around here!), but maybe you’re from Switzerland too? :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face: Thanks a lot!



hi @aaalex,
yes some of us are in luzern and generally in Switzerland, but the forum is for the larger global hackteria network.

maybe you can just pass by @gaudi in Luzern. and please… there is really no need to “buy” the microscopy kit, it’s been a fork of earlier work we did for writing and builing instructions to make a DIY microscope yourself. all you need is a webcam. you find a lot of instructions here:

and stay tuned on this forum for more upcoming meetups, workshops in the neighborhood.
greets from zurich,



Hi Marc! Thanks for your quick reply! I will will ask Gaudi about a visit at his Lab in Lucerne. I think I would benefit a lot from meeting someone in person in order to get some basic knowledge, or at least an impression of how I could start. :slight_smile: And yes, the kit thing seems unnecessary! Thanks for the link!

Best, Alex



So for your information. There will be a Festival upcomming in end of june 2019 in Geneva, Swiss. With a groupe of Ladies we got in (Anne-Laure Franchette and Lisa Biedlingmaier) which I am familiar from the Humus Sapiens Project in Oktober 2018. We will apply for fundings threw pro Helvetia. Drafts and Notes to be looked at here. If somebody has some ideas, feel free to share.

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hey @aaalex
great that you are interested.
there will be something happening in Labor Lucerne - probably in autumn.
and there are also rumors about a small HUMUS sapiens meeting near Munich this summer.
we have a newsletter here and will also open a thread in the forum when there is more information.
hope to meet you soon!!

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