Spill Festival Bergen Hackteria Contribution

Hei everybody,

I am looking for an assistant who could join us for the spill piksle festival, where we have been invited to participate with a Plant Printing workshop. I am looking for an assistant locally to Bergen, Norway or surrounding who is having knowledge on Plantprinting or Ecoprinting. The date is the 12th of June and the person will help to guide the workshop on site. There is a remote connection to Zurich.

If you are familiar in Ecoprinting technics and want to join, pls send me a msg to mayaminder@yahoo.com or respond to this thread for further information.

All best

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Dear All
Thanks for your ideas. We finally could fine a very nice project called http://thestitchproject.com/ from Bergen and advices by Maijte Caravallja itself. So happy to meet Kiyoshi and that things are rolling also and as well because of COVID-19 restrictions. Stay tuned. Hackteria in Bergen, Norway so sooooon!!