Updating some lists.... about "The Past"


Step-by-Step we are preparing for many more upcoming activities! Rumours about peripheral decentral ultra-local and global activities are going around. And yes! we would be super happy to hear from you on where you want to get active yourself!

but also we are cleaning up some of our “history” and updating this mega list of all ever hackteria related workshops / events:

if you feel you should be on it somewhere, just add it where it belongs!

sadly our old mapping of this list using batchgeo is not for free anymore. someone knows an alternative?


nice to see such a long and fruitful list of workshops… hopefully we will get some more dots on southamerica soon
maybe you can try http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/about/ for mapping


hi @nanocastro,

do you know how to use it? it seems a great open alternative! thx.

my house is missing…




hi @dusjagr

You can import a .csv file. The import will look at the column headers for any mention of «lat» and «lon» at the begining of the header, case insensitive. All other column are imported as properties.
This is a fork from J.Arancio file of osh map

I’m not sure how to make umap to read directly from the url of the file…


Hi @dusjagr, @nanocastro,

To be honest, it works sometimes, and sometimes not, but you can feed umap with a URL pointing to a csv file with the appropriate date (as nano said, lat&long) and it will update as the file updates itself.

Once in your map, go to edit --> manage layers --> remote data

Choose your data format (I tried with csv but you can use geojson, gpx, osm, kml, georss), input the URL, choose if you want to make it dynamic (fetch data each time the map view changes).

Looks like a good option but to be honest, it doesn’t work super well… Sometimes it just crashes. I think it’s worth trying, in any case I should go into the UMAP/OSM community and ask for some help (haven’t done that yet).

Let me know how it goes!


u know a tool to get lat lom from city coumtry? cos thats what i have atm im the list.


This gives you a list of cities by country with lat/long.

This one is more useful apparently, but I haven’t tried it


I’ve used the first link that @saynomore mention and joined with the hackteria workshop united file.
data of lat lon is on Sheet2
there are a few missing (0, 0 lat ton) but I think you can put those manually and give it a try


thanks nano!
it seems also that a few item were doubled, trippled in the process… cos it was more than 1 possible result. but that seems to exclude the country, only city search. (cos there is only 1 Geneva in Switzerland… .but a few other places in north america, or weird places called [“Berlin” in a national part in New Hampshire](http://Berlin, NH 03570, USA))

i will look into it soon again.