Biohacking 101 Class happening NOW

We have now assembled a small learning group in the region of Zurich to regularly follow the Biohacking 101 Class offered by The ODIN, starting on the 9th of January.

See more info growing on the wiki:

Let’s use this space on the forum to discuss and reflect on this experience together.


Is there forming a group for Berlin (and region), too, out there?! Would be happy to have some Companiera to form one.

Hi Bjorn, lets have one day a meeting with Ale, Mirela and co at the TOP premises. Doodle?


Monday or Thuesday Evening? at TopLab.

Lets doodle. Will share the link also to Companieras,

be online on wednesday and lets do it remoted

Next week will be our first class on Wed. Jan 9th at 4PM PT.

They will be live at:

Bring your questions. All class will be recorded and on uploaded to

Subscribe to the channel for notifications.

You can find links to the Syllabus and the book we are using at

Please join our Facebook Group

You can find guides for the experimental part of the class at

This is the first time running the class so bare with us.

If you haven’t received your kit yet we are shipping them as quick as possible. It is ok if you don’t receive it by next Wednesday. There will be plenty of time to do the experiments.


Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO

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@dusjagr that means for me in Cameroon, it is Thursday 01 am…:sleeping::sleeping: but I will be present.

more news by today, wed. 9.1. from TheOdin
There are materials to look at an prepare, pls contact me if there is a problem with access.

Class starts today at 4PM PT California time

The live class will be at

Videos will be upload to the channel afterwards and will be located at

You can find the syllabus for the class at:

You can find documents and materials for the class at:

Please read this document for what to do for the first month

Please join the Facebook group at

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO

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same time here…
but we meet earlier and could have a live stream / discussion.

Have fun! Wish I could be with you as well…
Surely, I’ll be with you next time after my semester exams.

Hoi zäme,
as most of you meanwhile understood, it’s the first meeting today in GasoGasi to discuss how to follow the course, and for those staying up late follow the first stream, starting at 4PM in california, meaning 1am Zurich or Cameroon time.

Today at 20:00
we gather already at 20h today! and let’s just have this stream open for all other people interetsed to join our discussion remotely:

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Hei cool session, I think we all know what is there to do:

(always read first the readmefirst)

wed 23. 20h evening at GAsiGaso

Snapgene + VMD

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Always wear gloves!


:scream: and I don’t pipett with gloves…

This just came in: so if anybody still is awake?
1 am (nowish)

We are doing an extra class today at 4PM PT California time. We are going to spend a little time going over the Takahashi Stem Cell paper that can be downloaded at

And then we will do some lab demos

See you at:

If you have not received your kit yet understand we are doing our best to get it to you as soon as possible. We had a large amount of last minute sign-ups for the class!

If you are missing pipettes they will be shipped in your second box!

Class info:

Videos will be upload to the channel afterwards and will be located at

hoied mitenand,

i just got contacted by a few more people in zurich, who want to join our regular activities. let’s set up a group in this forum, via discourse, to keep the list always up to date.

another intersting article is what @gaudi wrote anno 2016 for the HTGAA project:

sadly i am still in Ljubljana till thursday late afternoon, but will try to catch up with you asap.


Hei Guys, have you checked the last online class? It is about the topic of creating stemmcells form usual cells, so not as i understood by female cells. They use this specific iPST technic. Pls check the online class and read the paper to it.

All best


Maya Minder

Hello from Jogja. I wish Zurich and Jogja is just like Jogja to Solo, I can drive using motor jadul. But, i am glad to silently monitoring many activities there. Just want to say warm greeting from tropical spices, I hope the snow is friendly and chilling. Goood luck yaaaaaa



hello all

we had a small encounter looking at the different agarplates we produced and had the idea of get together once again:

next meeting at thurs. 7.2. 9 am at Baggenstoss/Rudolf Studio
DAYLONG session of producing different kind of Agarplates and cultivate them: Blood, Soy, LB, Malt, etc.

how to document our project?

and be aware THE ODIN youtube chanel. There is a new online class every wednessday. Pls also refere to the schedule given from THE ODIN of 4 month lectures here:

somehow… let’s keep stuff on this forum and the wiki. that’s why we have. google is sooooo 2009.