thGAP - Booklet Release Party ||| Wed 29. Dec 20:00 UTC


We are happy to announce the release of our little booklet / zine of the Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project (thGAP).

Only with your help and participation, we could make this happen and collect inputs for the CGCB - Creative Germline Constructs Bank, which is still Open for World Commentary!

Full instructions on how to contribute are in the book and more tomorrow!

You find our published book in the attachement (low-res screen version) and on, (full-res screen view and downloadable for double sided print), to make your own zine in your neighborhood print shop:

To celebrate together and reflect on our germline hacks entries, GOSHPA future human constructs expeditions, join us tomorrow for an online booklet release party on BigBlueButton (BBB, that’s open source and its NOT zoom :slight_smile:

Starting time:

20:00 UTC (21:00 CET for our European friends, see other time zones in the subject)

Everybody who can already hold up a printed copy of your own zine into the camera gets a free virtual hug from all of us!!! Go Go print your own first release printed edition of the thGAP Zine!

After about 1h of chit-chat in the Big Blue Button, we are happy to end the evening more legère and have smaller group hang-outs and chats using our virtual island:

Hurray to the future of the human species in all it’s possible creative forms.

CU tomorrow!


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Thanks all for joining our little online party to celebrate the booklet release!

And stay tuned for more germline hacking in the coming decades!
There are many ways to contribute and collaborate starting from joining the disussion here: