Upcoming Hackathon in Munich [TECHFEST]


Hey there everybody,

as some of you know we are preparing to set up a space in munich. It will be part of the maker space of the university and as such it will be available ( or at least we hope it will be ) in the upcoming Techfest hackathon.

It will be from the 8th to the 10th of september and u can register here


Accomodations will be available on site and there might be travel stipends , so check it out and lets meet in munich for 3 days and nights of community driven awesomeness :wink:


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the invitation. Looks very interesting!

Will the language of the Techfest be english?

I see that there are travel stripens for people traveling with Fixbus. Would it be possible to have travel stripends for low cost flights from Barcelona?




i dont know. Maybe if you ask the organizers something can be arranged


Isn’t this one for @rudiger ?


Awesome, jakob and i already registered :slight_smile:
Hope to see you there!
Have a nice summer:)
Greetings from vienna