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Hey guys, it’s been a while now I try to get in touch with u in Zurich who seem to be overactive in DIY science… Tried to get in touch with Gaudenz whi seem to have settled a nice lab… No reply. We’kk start soon our new collaboration with Toulouse FABLAB in order to get deeper in our outstanding results in aging and cancer. We got results showing we can seriously interfere with circadian cycle and cancer/aging through natural compounds !!! We’d like to collaborate with as many people as possible… No competition… Science 4 science !!!

Hello there. I want to make you aware of a registered BSL1 lab space in Zurich I have recently opened.


Lambda Biolab

](Lambda Biolab)

I have an ambitious goal to make the most affordable modern molecular biology lab in all of Zurich. The cost to use it will not be more than 150 CHF per month to cover the costs of running the space and restocking common use consumables. If you or anyone else would like to check it out, please let me know.




I would love to visit! Just pinged you on your contact sheet of the website.
And come to visit our lab too!

More DIY style, but nice be in the middle of many other communities. BSL1 we did a few years ago… bit not even to active on molbio stuffs.

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I’d definitely also like to visit.

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Give me ur phone num Antonio. Mine is +33760026248 through whatsapp :wink:

Give me ur phone num Dusjagr. Mine is +33760026248 through whatsapp :wink: