Wanna go running?

Some people want to go for a run!

I’ll organize something tomorrow (Thursday)

Whether you run fast or slow, let me know if you want to participate, I’ll have something for you!


yes please:) I run slow though

yes please! By tomorrow (Wednesday) do you mean tomorrow (Thursday)?

Sorry Thursday, tomorrow.
Got a nice 6.7 and 9.6 km tour sorted out. Just 5’ by car from here.

sounds good! what time? If you plan to go before 11.30, I’ll be in meetings… but after that, why not (lunch break)

I would like to join

We could leave at noon. Will confirm tomorrow, whether looks crappy.

I would like to join.

Weather looks to be surprisingly nice. I’d be happy to join - if we can be back for the 2pm session.

See you all at 12:15 next to the red bus with your running shoes (unless you run barefoot) on!