Workshop: Dreamachine Goggles

Hi all!

This is a Dreamachine:
I think it would be a cool idea to build some goggles for that during the retreat using the digispark (mini arduino) and WS2812 RGB LEDs. Maybe they could also be used for inducing lucid dreams.

Would anyone be into that?


reminds me of our earlier fish-hacking experiments with tony!,_Antony_Hall,_Ljubljana

we did this fish-2-brain interface, simple DIY electronics circuit a few times. single color LED and simple oscillator with 4093.

Let’s do it!!!
i bring a simple etching station to make PCB (printed circuit boards).
we could think of an advanced version of the earlier things above and use the attiny.
got loooads of them on stock and a lot of experience with them.
sound and neo-pixels (i got 2 reels approx 2000 of them!!!)



We don’t need to etch if we use the digispark. I’ll use one. Digispark would be way easier with its on-board usb interface, etching would be more interesting and with higher educational value for those who never did that though. But a soldering iron would be nice in both cases, I don’t dare to bring mine since I’m afraid airport security is afraid I want to stab people with it. Also, I think powerbanks make a good power supply since they have their own recharge circuit and a controlled 5V output. And this thing is probably cool as a frame:
I can order and bring stuff if people are interested. Is anyone interested?

i like etching boards… i am a so called “Ätz-Nazi” :slightly_smiling_face:

and seriously, many of us have travelled with faaaaaar worse than a attiny circuit.

check what our scene developed loooong ago.

and just proceed with ordering stuff. we got small budgets for all these “consumables”.


I’m not afraid to bring attiny circuits, I asked for a soldering iron because I’m afraid to bring this thing

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hello I’m I-Chern

I have been asking people to write down what they “see” or feel when they use dreamachine, though I haven’t quite figure out why I do that.

I somehow want to relate it back to its inventor Brion Gysin (, his “cut-up” technique (, also William S. Burroughs, and their effort of breaking the control of language.

I doubt certain sensational experience can be passed on by creating the same stimulation on our body, for example, dreamachine. If it does look like the experience is passed from one to another, is it because the experience is passed on or because we just have been limited in language?

For me, documenting dreamachine experience may be something worth experiment, too? Any suggestion?

hahah, I see people walking around in the scenic mountains of klöntal with googles, also doing lucid dreaming at night time, and of course we got soldering irons. cool cool!! so much looking forward to this

Started prototyping…

and i’ll bring the trip glasses from Cornfield Electronics


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