World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts

World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts
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To my world famous and favorite Bioartists, GynoPunks, DIY BioHack Creatives, ArtSci Theorists and New Reproductive Technology Specialists and Interested Public Commentators:

I am looking to hold a world congress for Bioartists, Bioethicists, Biopolitical Theorists and anyone with Responses to Lulu and Nana – The first officially genetically edited mutant human kids on planet.

This is a call to respond to the concept of Humans as Transgenic Art. This Congress is Global, open ended in time and space and include membership in BEAK (the Bioart Ethical Advisory Commission).

If you are receiving this post, this is also a call to see if you are coming to TTT2020 and would be interested being a part of an inner and an outer World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts in Vienna in Nov.? Let me know if you are interested in being a part of this! Of course, everyone from TTT is invited to join.

If you can’t make it to TTT, let me know if you want to form some questions, be sent the final questions and possibly have your answers added to the future publication and generally be a part of the Congress.

I am also looking for grants to fund both TTT and this artistic aside as well as people interested in co-organizing! And, if you know Vienna, please tell me of any large underground bunker bars fit for a mess hall of 150 people and run by the Rosicrucians or the House of Hapsburg or the Legion of Rogue Scientologists or the Discordians… yet still for rent.

This is from Adam Zaretsky and written with my brain.
Email me at

Sending love and rockets to the fringed and layered cake of BioTweakerz

More details about the Germline Lulu Nana DIY Baby Tech Q&A:

World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts


I would like to hear your questions and responses to some of the cutting edge questions about the technical, ethical, aesthetic and sexual economies of DIY transgenic human productions as Bioart. The major focus is on what kind of knock-in mutant humans can be made and how to reproduce these GMO children as art with what form of ethics and/or aesthetics?

Are transgenic babies like Lulu and Nana just art projects, for instance are they children created as conceptual, kinetic sculptures as well as time-based new media projects? This might include issues of responsible parenting of art.babies or how the family model relates to the business model of the clinic. For instance, selling art.babies by the bushel to techno clients wanting an artistic range to their next of kin. Are germline genetically modified children just tragic Bioart meets actionist styled live/body/performance art happenings?

What can we share with them about the feeling of existence, as living subjects in the global, mortal, temporary, human sort of form. If artists were to make transgenic babies as one-off or multiple original limited editions, what protocols should we adopt to spin the: suffering, death, mate choice, level of independence and that added feeling of planned obsolescence? How can GMOtechnoBreeding of Novel Humans through DIY Reproductive Arts coincide with our feminist agendas, our queer propulsions, our interest in fair trade sourced ovum and wombs, and any wise stance against overpopulation?

It is not without wonder that we should consider the artistic range of mutagenic style (transgenTrends) and intuit some of the wild imaginings that creative thought will bring to fruition in our posthuman/transhuman/transgenic human anatomical and metabolic futures. Which way does your wonder wend? Finally, the myriad ways to achieve do-it-yourself transgenic babies needs a good group hack. I am envisioning the cheapest, ad-hoc, garage, home-brewed, altered baby protocol our hive mind can develop.

Please send me more questions you might have to ask a congress of your peers in this vein and if you like, I will include you in a mad seeking of answers session that might become a publication or podcast or something.

See my former Publication: in English and French (in Russian by Request):


And video: Transgenic Humans as Bioart

More about what to do at TTT for the

World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts


What is the form? Be prepared for too many options, it is better than too few options! This is all in preplanning stage.

Initially, I was thinking of a few bodyart performances and bioart labs to compliment TTT “Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art and Science”. The conference will take place November 26–28, 2020 in Vienna, Austria. The conference is not funded yet… and these cavalier art ideas are not funded either.

But, things may change for the better. I like to get artists paid because cash is often the only thing they are missing this life! This idea does not end here but I encourage you to apply to TTT because I want to see you and if you are interested in being on a panel with me on the topic of:

World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts


…let me know as I am proposing chairing/presenting on a panel of that name at TTT.

I also thought of doing something special at TTT but the funding is scarce so I am thinking of attenuating the closing party on the Saturday of the last night to Honor TTT with a GMO Baby New Reprotech theme. I am not sure if Dalila will like my party idea!

If you are planning on being there and have Ideas or want to be involved in a party installation, performance or semi-staged oddity… let me know. Also, to the local Viennese… tell me what kind of venues you know that fit the requisite dream spaces below!

If there are enough people interested, I might hold a post TTT Sunday Gyno Brunch or post TTT Germline Sunday Midnight Mass or a pre TTT Wednesday ReproTech preParade… Maybe we can break into Mauthausen and just mull about on the future and get arrested for discussing human germline genetic modification moratorium and neo-eugenics in the crematorium? Considering a parade with fucked up mock-classic Austrian Marching Band actionism stroll or just a bioart meets body art outing with portable ramen cart sounds more pleasant! Or, you know… an all night dungeon lock in for singing and conversations fueled by food, drink, ahuman breeding strategies and erogenous laughter.

Otherwise, if I can arrange funding for artists, I am writing to ask if you would be interested in:

  • • Open to the Public Bioart Labs in non-art venues
  • • Live Art – Body Art Performances in non-art public venues
  • • A bioart exhibition


Not for the literary faint of heartz:

I am currently dreaming of an underground cave, a stone wall lined downstairs with wooden beer hall long tables and oversized Volsung pewter mugs filled with beer. This is some Knights Templar style Messehallelouferrigno I am channeling… So I’ve got to think this through a little better… Perhaps it devolves into some sort of late night orgy debate and the Hall becomes leather lined with giant pewter mugs filled with human embryonic stem cell liquors and some sort of skewered aphrodisiac that gets us all knocked up. Maybe new reproductive technology karaoke as selection display? Ewww… sticky, don’t drop the mic~!

So, dreaming further… I thought we might arrange to have props and materials and noisemakers in this underground dream lair and take to the streets for an impromptu tromp through Vienna with hired documenters, drones and demonstrations of different do-it-yourself transgenic baby responses, a saxophone and one baby zebra. We could then return to our lair/bar/cave (or a second venue) and do some pass-the-mike open forum of many voices, opinions and drunk history, pornaoke maker making body contortionist Kool and the Gang shitMeisterFeista. This of course leading to some sort of chthonic debauch based around germline altered babies: How to? Why don’t you? Why not to? So, this is something circular inside of something circular so I guess it includes music, dancing, singing and someone pukes. BYOB (Bring your own bucket). OK, so celebration and excess, lets have some fun!

More Details on TTT

Please do apply for this, say what you always wanted to say, and say it mean! :

Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science 2020
November 26–28, 2020 |
Die Angewandte
Call for papers, posters and artist-talks is now open!

Deadline for submitting abstracts is March 31st, 2020. More details:

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We are back on track with this!

We need to extend our team to get this off the ground soon!!!

A good target date for activities would be 7-11 March 2022, as this was the original dates for the 3rd Summit on Human Genome Editing

We are now preparing a new project website to guide everybody through all the recent work we have been doing with thGAP.

we are preparing a viewing and parallel activities to this “Looking Ahead” Genome Editing thingy!
7-9. March 2022. Stay tuned for more info!
Live from Helsinki and Zurich! Who else wants to join?

Sounds great, hope I work to how to contribute

Event on Wednesday, UK centric, but may be of interest to the CrispR kids :wink:
At this event, the HFEA’s Chief Executive and other speakers – including fertility professionals and a patient advocate – will explore questions including:

  • Should the HFEA have greater powers? The UK fertility sector is characterised by a predominance of private clinics, and by constant novelty in the treatments that are offered and marketed to patients (including diverse unproven ‘add-ons’ to IVF). Are fertility patients vulnerable to exploitation, and therefore in need of more dedicated regulation?
  • Should the HFEA have fewer powers? IVF has become such a routine treatment, that it may no longer warrant as much dedicated regulation as it had previously. Should fertility regulation be subsumed into other forms of oversight of UK healthcare?
  • Should the HFEA have different powers? How do the HFEA and its powers fit into the wider legal and regulatory landscape, in the UK and also internationally? Is there duplication of regulation? Are there gaps?
  • Does the HFEA need more fundamental change? The world has changed since IVF was first pioneered, and since the HFEA was first created. If one were devising fertility regulation from scratch today, is the HFEA what one would come up with?
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thGAP’s The World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts (WCoNRTA) will actually attend the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing at the Francis Crick Institute, London UK on 6-8 March 2023 at 215 Greater London NW1 2BF United Kingdom.

We are in full rolling mode now to prepare some actions in London around the dates of the HGE summit, 6-8. March 2023!!


Who wants to join? We have put together some info for you to get started and join the conversation here on our beautiful new hotglue page:

"After the conference each night we will meet at a bar, bookstork or art space to hold an open mike, loosley named Germline Co medy Hour. Its basically a nightly comedy relief review of the day’s speakers by people who witnessed or just have anything to say. The topics will be colored by our thGAP attitude that Genetically Modified Human Gonads, Babies and Germlines are not a problem as long as Artists are involved as the Resculpting of Heredity is Boring if it is just for Health, Enhancement or Military goals. We are the giraffe human mutant geeks against neo-eugenics and silly perfectionist goals.

Drinking, open microphone, room to be loud, rowdyish… thats all…"

the transgenic human Genome Alternatives Project, thGAP is a GLOBAL AESTHETIC RESPONSE TO HUMANS AS TRANSGENIC BIOART You are invited to REGISTER and attend as part of thGAP or as yourself or your own pseudo institution. It is free of charge. We of course have no money for flights or lodging. Let us know if you have an interest in joining us.( 2023 Human Genome Editing Summit | Royal Society )

If you know anybody in London who wants to host us, provide a sofa or bed to sleep on, please give us a ping here or PM.


Hello! ( I live in NCl, (400km north)

I have signed up, and want to be present locally.

its been a while since i’ve been down there. (that london)

excuse the formatting/ brain dump.

These are corporate/academised.

-Central Saint Martins and University College London are just around from there. and Heather Barnett are there is an academic that works nearby

- Space devoted to the Growing Economy/ biobased stuff.

Possible Tie In?

-8 March 1723 Christopher Wren Christopher Wren - Wikipedia 300 Years since he died Artist/Scientist?engineer?


Smart Russel(hostel) is fairly close 133.38 per night / 6 adults. have stayed there in the past. pretty basic. but its a bed.

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possible venues to approach:

Grant Museum Grant Museum of Zoology | UCL CULTURE - UCL – University College London

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Things are going to happen :slight_smile: so now is the time to say hi. London is still a cheap flight from places, or a long bus ride.

What about Hackteria & Vagina Museum meeting in London on March?

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Around the corner in kings cross is

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We are on our way! Flights are booked, and random beds found at friends’ places and studios…

Let’s keep on dreaming whta we can do in London!
We will keep trolling the royal society to back us up, as “delegates”, mbe find a few more onsite tickets for friends who havent registered yet.

slowly the public discourse is globally being discussed in the media.

We will now confirm our venues and dates for our side-show activities, thinking of a break-dance battle between the thGAP and AntiGAP persons, and keep you updated here in the forum, aswell as other chat groups.

We finally reconvened in London and are now preparing the upcoming side-shows and Human-as-Art mockeries, preparing for the #HGESummit (please help us filling up that hast-tag with more queer voices).

I hope more people from this thread have managed to get their bodies over to the city! We are hosted warmly at a friends’ house in Walthamstow and looking forward to meet you all.

We are still fixing those venues, stay tuned and watch this place. Ping us here, PM or public. Call us!

Seems that a few other groups have also organized side events… as officially by the HGESummit there is none :slight_smile:

A brief search gave me the following:

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Wow. Pretty interesting stuff. Other narratives are happening, just not at the same table.

Any online room on 6 - 8 for thGAP’s The World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts (WCoNRTA)?

I’m preparing quietly from remote place.

The HGE summit will be streamed live on vimeo and zoom, you’ll find it here:

and questions can be posted here (and voted up by all), so join us there too, to give those extra votes to our questions!

For our own little evening activities, we are not doing anything online, besides commenting here on this forum, and some other chat groups that we have.

What a day!
Many facets been touched and some interesting people are here… but much hasnt even been touched yet.
So we need to go to this Start of Kings pub to reflect together and have fun:

It’s around the corner, so we might convince more people to join us!
And an amazing photo shoot with whoever wants to come.

We also made a telegram group to have a more fast and focused reflection, commentary and hang-out together with smaller focus bunch of people.