Sharing more resources / readings

Let’s put together some interesting resources for doing a bit of background research / reading.

If you are new to most of those jargon and terms of gene editing or reproductive technologies, don’t worry we all are!

Here is series of bioethical talks mostly in German on gene edititing and CRISPR:
here are the recordings:

Another good one is the book by Eben Kirksey, more specifically about Lulu & Nana. I have a copy locally in the space, feel free to borrow it. I am also asking to get some parts of the book as .pdf.

Especially the last chapter epilogue is interesting, a conversation with Donna Harraway, who already has touched the subject many times. Make Kin not Babies!
Here speculative fabulation “Camille Stories - Children of the Compost” has a great angle towards gene editied humans…

Have been collecting and reviewing a bunch of more resources that i studied over the last years…

So where to start?
In that series from Uni Bern, Dr. Effy Vayena gives a good overview and history of the topic.

And then during 2015 - 2018, following the first Congress of Human Genome Editing, a lot of local and national “recommendations” where written.
In Switzerland, not much had to be done, as all research on viable embryos, even more so genetically editing them, is banned. So just a 4 Pager…

And then 2017 The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (USA) together with their frinds from UK and China wrote this 400 Pager: “Human Gene Editing: Scientific, Medical and Ethical Considerations”, which was much more a “let’s do it, but first figure out the tech… and slowly, and have broad societal dialogue…”. Here is a video of their announcement. Also has some good intro into the topic:

Their report is here:

The UK also announced their recommendations in 2018. Which was picked up by some pretty much as a kinda green light… (under certain conditions), but the media backlash was pretty intense.

Allthough the details of the report say something quite different.

And in the meantime, the story of all those “fathers” of Lulu and Nana continued pretty much secretly in Shenzhen and some other board rooms until it leaked and was announced at the 2nd Summif for Human Germline Editing in November 2018.
Here the “classic” talk by Dr. He, that caused all that fuzz… it starts after 1:16h (but also those other scientifici talks are interesting to follow, It’s worthwhile to look at many other talks that were given there!)

And of course… We had our own take on it with @Gnip and @megan during our visit to San Francisco.

here is something about the FASTA format…FASTA format - Wikipedia