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Bioelectromagnetics the term references the interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological systems. Typically biological effects and applications of electromagnetic fields that range in frequency from zero hertz (static fields) to the terahertz undulations of visible light .Biological and physical scientists, physicians and engineers interested in this topic will find an interesting interdisciplinary point.
Electroporation: the action or process of introducing DNA or chromosomes into bacteria or other cells using a pulse of electricity to open the pores in the cell membranes briefly. But this is a simplistic approach, Nowadays there are a huge amount of developing applications based on electroporation and the use of pulsed electric fields of high intensity.


  • • Basics, biology of electroporation
  • • Basics, modelling of electroporation including MD studies
  • • Technology for PEF and large treatment capacities
  • • Technology for electric pulses for research and medical applications
  • • Medical applications (ECT, IRE, GET)
  • • Food industry applications
  • • Environmental applications
  • • Micro and Nanotechnologies (single cell electroporation, microfluidics …)
  • • Plasma (non-thermal)

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> This kind of disciplines are not commonly known by the basic bioscientist but could be extremely useful and be Impactful and enriching.
> The aim of this category is to create an environment stimulating interdisciplinary interactions, to present latest achievements and demonstrate current knowledge.
> (News, Tutorials, articles, theory and practice, impressions tendencies)

this is great, I am interested in showcasing Methods of Transgenisis as bioart hands on labs and would love to be involved. Question: Seeking lipofection advice: I am trying to make cocoa butter into a cationic goop (ooops I mean reagent). To give an overall positive charge to liquid cocoa butter, my readings suggest adding Sodium, Calcium, possible iron filings and/or an electrical charge. What are your best suggestions for ionizing oils? Any other DIY lipofection protocol advice you want to give (i.e. how to mix in the DNA) would be very welcome. To you think creamed potato chips might be a readymade? Final lipofectant must be topical/noncaustic.