Overview of Venues and Spaces

We are happy to show you already some previews and glimpses into where we will Converge…

IdeaSquare @ CERN - Main Venue for BioFabbing

Our Hosts

Our partners from IdeaSquare have given us access to a great venue for collaborative discussions and working together using their diverse facilities on the CERN premises. A big THANKS to our hosts Harri and Tuuli!

IdeaSquare offers a variety of spaces, corners, galleries, labs, hide-outs… and yes also a DoubleDecker Bus! Here is an overview of the space, which can already guide us on where and how to set-up our temporary kitchen/wet-labs, workgroup break-outs and plenum discussions.

Open Area57

The Kitchen

The Grasslands

BlueGreen Rooms

The Bus

Up & 3D

The WhiteCube

Not-yet-a-Makerspace @ Campus Biotech

Friday morning (12th May) we will visit and work in the Campus Biotech Innovation Park, where a new “makerspace” is being initiated these days. We have the pleasure to be the first group working there… which gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the channels of setting up collaborative and open community labs in different contexts. (…and also means it’s still an empty white room that smells of fresh paint!)

How to get there?

It takes about 30 min to get there from the CERN tram stop. Take Tram 18 towards Carouge. Get off at Gare Cornavin, walk towards the other tram stop in front of the station to take Bus 1 towards Jardin Botanique, and get off at Mines, the Campus Biotech is just in front!!!

Institut Confucius

Friday afternoon we are invited to have the closing discussions of our conference part at the Institut Confucius. Where we have access to their beautiful park on the lakeside and their (relatively small) rooms in the villa.

How to get there?


About 45 min. Take tram 18 towards Carouge, and get of at Gare Cornavin. Go inside the train station and take the R (regional) train towards Coppet, usually leaves from platform 1. Get off at Chambésy. Walk to Confucius Institute

From Campus Biotech

About 15 min. Walk towards train station Genève-Sécheron, take the R (regional) train towards Coppet. Get off at Chambésy. Walk to Confucius Institute

I like the “The Grasslands” open air lab. We might need a sun / rain roof (parasol or large fabric), long electric cables. A barrel for making fire in the evening would be nice too… where to get those materials? #mobilelab #wildlab