Carbon sequestration by enzyme

Is anyone interested in discussing Boucif N., Roizard D., Favre E. (2020) “The Carbonic Anhydrase Promoted Carbon Dioxide Capture” In: Zhang Z., Zhang W., Lichtfouse E. (eds) Membranes for Environmental Applications, Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World, series vol. 42 (Springer) doi:10.1007/978-3-030-33978-4_1 ?

I recently sent this message to an energy project coordinator at one of the largest defense contractors:

at present I am convinced that enzymatic fixation of CO2 into solids by GMO algae released into the ocean is likely to scrub more CO2 than alternative options, and could easily scrub 38 gigatons in years not decades. However, I am not convinced doing so would not turn the oceans to gel, so this approach, while appropriate in a climate emergency, requires a synthetic biology expert skilled in introducing multiple kill switches in unicellular (e.g. algae or bacterial) GMOs.

Are there any synthetic biology experts out there willing to weigh in on this?